Calm Down

I don’t want to shame the people who supported her but she’s really gone off the deep end:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: “Donald Trump threatens the existence of human life, of all life, on this planet.”

I’d say the same thing about a Trump supporter claiming that Joe Biden threatens the existence of all life on this planet. It’s really kooky. It’s not OK to be like that. I wouldn’t accept this kind of drama-queenish behavior from my 4-year-old. A friend woman should be able to control herself.

This is what befuddled me long before I considered supporting Trump. Why can’t you be opposed to him without going completely nuts over it? Like when I say “I don’t support the national mask mandate, so I’m not voting for Biden.” I don’t screech hysterically that Biden will bring armies of aliens to conquer Earth or anything like it. Why is it impossible to oppose Trump without this hyperbole?

“If he’s elected, he will singlehandedly smother every cute puppy on the planet! Yeeeee!”

Just calm down already.

Insight of the Day

No matter who wins the election we will always have books.

This is my insight of the day.

Talking about books, I finally finished the JK Rowling series and am now struggling with Zora Neale Hurston for my book club. That book is going to be the end of me because I’m just not getting it. But it’s super famous so I’m thinking there’s got to be something to it that I’m not seeing. Maybe the book club will help.

What are you reading?