Calm Down

I don’t want to shame the people who supported her but she’s really gone off the deep end:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: “Donald Trump threatens the existence of human life, of all life, on this planet.”

I’d say the same thing about a Trump supporter claiming that Joe Biden threatens the existence of all life on this planet. It’s really kooky. It’s not OK to be like that. I wouldn’t accept this kind of drama-queenish behavior from my 4-year-old. A friend woman should be able to control herself.

This is what befuddled me long before I considered supporting Trump. Why can’t you be opposed to him without going completely nuts over it? Like when I say “I don’t support the national mask mandate, so I’m not voting for Biden.” I don’t screech hysterically that Biden will bring armies of aliens to conquer Earth or anything like it. Why is it impossible to oppose Trump without this hyperbole?

“If he’s elected, he will singlehandedly smother every cute puppy on the planet! Yeeeee!”

Just calm down already.

9 thoughts on “Calm Down”

  1. What is so frightening about this kind of rhetoric is that someone might take it seriously and use violence. I think that it is important to recognize that certain kinds of statements are kill orders. I don’t see a difference between what Warren’s statement and if she was honest and simply came out with “will someone rid us of this meddlesome president.”

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  2. Yeah, Trump has single-handedly turned the Democratic Party into a tribe of screeching monkeys, and their shrill hysteria MAY be enough to get him re-elected in two weeks. We’ll see on 3 Nov if voters are more disgusted with Dems like Warren than they are with Trump.

    I voted last week via Arizona’s early mail-in ballot system — straight Republican ticket, because the Republicans are going to continue a status quo with policies that will benefit me, not because I have respect for anybody on either side of the aisle.


  3. This type of hyperbolic rhetoric is common on both sides of the political aisle during election season. Democrats are being called socialists by Republicans in campaign ads and on cable news. Meanwhile, actual socialists can only wish this were true.


  4. The short answer is that democrat type voters and their politicians world wide tend towards tribalism, group type thinking, and are far less individualistic than are republican types. The longer answer is as follows:

    In my experience, the difference between republican type voters and democrat type voters, psychologically, is that while both of them want special treatment, the republican type voter tends to want some kind of special business or professional payment or scheme or scam that they as an individual can make benefit of, while democrat type voters tend to want some kind of special personal treatment or professional allowance that is made use of not only by themselves, but by the group that they identify with.

    That is why you tend to see politicians offering all sorts of special ceremonial events or treatments or whatever to groups of democrat type voters eg LGBTQI groups, “blacks”, “hispanics” etc or saying nice things to or about their whole group, while republicans tend not to offer any of that kind of tribal, feeling based pomp and instead just hand out tax breaks, make logical decisions etc that they expect others to be smart enough to understand will pay off for all individuals and all groups at some point in future.

    So, when the two groups argue, republican type politicians point at the things that they did or things that need fixing, while democrat type politicians point at the people/groups that they did something for or the people/groups that they think are a problem.


      1. I love this about him. I voted for Bush in 2000, with my fresh new shiny voter registration, and he then proceeded to get us embroiled in the middle east and Afghanistan in the most horrific way. I boycotted presidential elections ever since, either not voting for president at all, or voting write-in protest candidates. In 2016 I did not vote for Trump. I will vote for him this year, and the no-new-wars, and what looks like really earnest attempts to get us out of the ongoing conflicts are a big, big reason why. Totally apart from whatever else is going on, if he had jumped head first into Syria, or bombed some poor country in Africa, I would NOT be voting for him. This year would be another write in.


  5. I have to say I really love this blog site, not only because of the writer herself, but also because I get to read some of the most insightful, analytical, and overall intelligent observations and musings the internet has to offer.
    Most everyone on here seems able to view subjects from all sides.

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