Invented Refugees

I have no love for Facebook but it’s pathetic that the French are blaming social media for the beheading of a teacher instead of asking why there were “refugees” from prosperous and peaceful Moscow in France at all.

“The murderer, who was shot dead by the police, came all the way from Evreux 80km to the west” because of Facebook posts these idiots complain.

No, you dummies. He came from a lot farther than that. And nobody can explain why.

The whole concept of a refugee is turned into a complete joke by these bastards. And now they are going to destroy freedom of speech to protect freedom of speech instead of looking at their deranged immigration policies.

3 thoughts on “Invented Refugees”

  1. “deranged immigration policies”

    Sadly that’s the norm today and almost no country is proposing anything remotely sane….

    I’m sure that it’s not hard for Chechens (not famous for their scrupulous attention to laws) to get anywhere where they want and I’m still assuming that most of them in France are involved in organized crime…

    nb kind of a tabloidy paper, but….

    “After taking over swathes of the French Riviera, the Chechen gangs moved into protection rackets, prostitution rings and the lucrative French drug market, which is estimated to be worth around £2.3billion a year.”

    I have an idea, that maybe the teacher was killed for PR purposes (to impress Algerian rivals). They knew it would be a big deal and that their Algerian rivals would be impressed and a little scared…


    1. Your explanation makes a lot more sense than ultra-religious refugees from Moscow who won’t survive unless France takes them in. The story we are being insistently fed is completely ridiculous and nobody is noticing.


      1. “ultra-religious refugees from Moscow”

        It’s been reported that Poland refused the family asylum in 2004 after which they went to France, Poland granted too many Chechens asylum at one point (probably because the government thought/hoped that would annoy Russia) but it was generally accepted that they wouldn’t stay and would continue on westward…
        I’m not sure if this is really the case though for a number of reasons (most Polish stories refer to a French post on twitter).


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