Good and Bad

Of course, nobody will come to my talk about Venezuela and Cuba tomorrow because it’s at the same time as the debate. This sucks.

On the positive side, I accidentally discovered how things turned out for one of the readers of our blog from a long time ago. Many years ago, we even raised money for her to buy a new laptop here on the blog.

And it turns out that she has done really well in life and is on her way to become a successful writer. I found this out by complete accident on Twitter. I have no idea how it happens that I keep bumping into the old readers of this blog all over Twitter. I already came across three by complete accident.

2 thoughts on “Good and Bad”

  1. I know nothing about those countries, so don’t know how I can understand your talk, yet would love to get a link in order to see you at work and get acquainted a bit better.

    I suppose, your talk is a bit like your students see you.

    Hope the wording is OK.

    May be, you’ll visit Israel one day and we’ll meet in the ‘real’ world too. 🙂


    1. It’s not a scholarly talk. It’s a community talk. I like giving talks to people who aren’t part of the university as a way of giving some value to the taxpayers who fund us.


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