Talk Invite

If anybody here is not very interested in the debate and prefers to hear me talk about the future of Latin American socialism on Zoom, email me and I’ll hook you up. It starts 6:30 Central Time.

It’s a free event open to the public.

3 thoughts on “Talk Invite”

  1. Middle of the night for me and I have to work in the morning, otherwise I’d definitely be interested. What a great topic!


  2. The former comment to this post was not from me.

    Thanks for the invitation. Was glad to see you and was pleasantly surprised to understand what you’re talking about despite knowing nothing of the countries in question.

    Took the book you recommended in Russian translation from the library, but started reading Fallada first.

    Btw, when you finish the novel about Iron Gustav, would love to read what you thought, whether it’s also worth reading as much as the others.


    1. Thank you for coming! It’s not a scholarly talk, so it wasn’t abstruse. Not that I try to make my scholarly talks abstruse. I’ve been criticized for expressing myself in a very simple unadorned way.


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