The Real Killer

According to the CDC, this year so far the largest average percentage increase in deaths has been among the people aged 25 to 44. And it’s not COVID that’s killing them. That group experienced under 6,000 deaths with COVID (and as we know about 6% of those are deaths from COVID).

This is my age group, and lockdowns are killing us.

5 thoughts on “The Real Killer”

  1. Personally I think that it is too soon to be so sure, especially since viruses sometimes take a reasonably long time to finally kill someone. An example would be, say, HIV, that, in the early days, took a minimum of about 18 months from the time of infection to finally cause a death.

    In the case of SARS-CoV-2, we have mounting evidence of a very significant proportion of infected persons with a “mild” case having organ damage. An example might be, say, the several estimates that at least 30% of recovered patients have significant heart damage or a heart abnormality of some kind, with another being the architectural changes in the lung that seem to affect quite many people. That will probably contribute or cause a good number of deaths later on, as people age and develop comorbidities.

    Also, it seems that some people are affected more severely the second time they are infected with SARS-CoV-2, which means that we should probably wait until after winter to see how many people die of their second bout before making bold statements. Respectfully and everything, of course.


  2. My hairdresser told me the other day that her other client’s son committed suicide after losing his job in NYC and having to come back to live with his parents in the suburbs. I can imagine things like that happen quite often among the young people.

    A lot of people gained weight during lock downs. That’s an additional contributor to those heart disease deaths that we already have about 900 of daily. Women don’t get their mammograms, a lot of people fell behind on the check ups. There will be more sickness and death than ever in the coming months. But hey, you can always add Covid to the death certificate and blame Trump for it.


    1. Suicide rates in countries like Australia are estimated to have gone up by about 400% beginning at the time of the lockdown (authorities are sometimes quite guarded with figures), but it would be unfair to attribute all of those deaths to the lockdowns alone since the virus also destroyed jobs, businesses, and fortunes independently of lockdowns (eg marginal hospitality/retail businesses) that drove people into depression or despair as well.

      Regarding increases in mortality, the major factors include avoidance of primary health care, along with things like people avoiding elective surgery due to fear or having it cancelled (for those who don’t know, so-called elective surgery includes many surgeries that save your life if you don’t get it done fairly quickly), as well as increases in drug taking, alcoholism etc.


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