About China

Does anybody really think Trump is pro-China? Anybody? What’s the point of asking inane questions about his account in China?

The moderator asked a great question about whether Biden would make China pay for COVID. His response was that he was going to help China’s economy. And then he accused Trump of being great friends with the Chinese president. What does that even mean? Why would anybody think Trump likes China?

Then Biden started malarkeying away, so that was funny.

And Trump demolished him on his teary rant about families sitting around the table. “It’s typical politician stuff,” he said.

It’s a great debate, folks.

Same Old Tune

And now there’s a completely ridiculous question about Russia and Iran influencing the election. It’s like a bad joke. Facebook shut down Bret Weinstein’s account today without an explanation but we are talking about Iran. It’s beyond crazy.

Biden is trying to explain away Hunter’s laptop by claiming that Giuliani is a Russian spy. He has no shame.

No, Giuliani is not a Russian spy.

Trump is bringing up the money that the Bidens got from Baturina! Yes!

The Debate

I caught a snippet of the debate and Trump’s response about COVID is perfect. I don’t care about the idea of a vaccine but the rest is exactly what needed to be said.

Biden is now pretending he’s not in favor of another lockdown. But then he flim-flammed and said he is in favor of the shutdowns.


I read to Klara a Bernstein bears story where Mama Bear yells at the cubs over something they did.

Later on, I heard Klara mutter to herself, “My Mommy never yells. That’s because I’m such a great kid.”

This reminded me of the old joke:

A dog thinks, “my owner feeds me, takes care of me. He must be God.”

A cat thinks, “my owner feeds me, takes care of me. I must be God.”


This is how a public library system is training its employees:

What I don’t understand is why, among a myriad of similar events, there isn’t anybody capable of saying “I oppose segregation”? Surely, it doesn’t require much courage to be against segregation in 2020.

At Work

We truly have the most beautiful campus. It goes on for many miles in each direction like this. You can get to any neighboring town on foot, walking for hours through this kind of scenery and never seeing a car.

The woods are filled with groups of very tiny kids taken for walks by moms or daycare teachers. Klara’s daycare is surrounded by the woods and is often visited by families of deer. It’s a rare day around here that you don’t meet deer or turtles. There are so many of them. The air smells delicious.

If only it weren’t 90°F again.

I have a huge window that covers a whole wall of my office, and there’s a sea of yellow and red leaves outside b

Talking about Spain

So Spain, right? The party in power is called the Socialist Workers’ Party of Spain. They are socialists. The president of the government is a socialist. The socialists are governing in a coalition with the far-left party Unidas Podemos. These are AOC-type people.

OK? Did I explain this well enough?

The Spanish government took COVID extremely seriously. They’ve put in some of the strongest (and often the strongest) lockdowns and containment measures anywhere on Earth. There’s nothing resembling their lockdowns anywhere in the US. Really serious stuff.

Is this part clear?

The result of all this is that Spain is now in its third wave of COVID mortality. Its overall mortality adjusted by population size is significantly higher than that of the US. And this is taking into account that Spain doesn’t have anything like the US obesity rates.

I know it’s useless to argue with people in the grip of the Trump Derangement Syndrome but I keep thinking they must have a kernel of rationality left somewhere in spite of their illness. Spain is one of quite a few countries demonstrating that blaming Trump for COVID mortality because “he didn’t take it seriously” is not just mistaken. It’s schizophrenic.

To people who are still not understanding what I’m trying to transmit with this post, I can only say that I’m very sorry for what’s been done to you.