This is how a public library system is training its employees:

What I don’t understand is why, among a myriad of similar events, there isn’t anybody capable of saying “I oppose segregation”? Surely, it doesn’t require much courage to be against segregation in 2020.

6 thoughts on “Anti-segregation”

  1. My town has an old deco-era movie theater. Some friends of ours were in on the big remodel that turned it into a stage venue, and saved the grand old facade. We toured it while work was still in progress. At one point, someone explained that the (now-a-fire-escape) door to the side of the ticket booth used to be the colored entrance, that led straight up to the balcony seats. It was jarring, like a stubbed toe–Oh, yeah, that used to be a thing here. It’s weird that the door still exists, because nobody would dream of having a separate colored entrance now, you know?

    And then people do this.

    Are they going to insist on separate bathrooms and drinking fountains next?


  2. Very bad visual. Who came up with that? I mean: I see why in certain kinds of exercises some people might find all one race or all one gender discussion groups useful, but as an optional / voluntary activity, not part of a required exercise. And those signs! My instinct would be to turn around and walk away, it would be traumatizing to actually obey them, I’d think

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