At Work

We truly have the most beautiful campus. It goes on for many miles in each direction like this. You can get to any neighboring town on foot, walking for hours through this kind of scenery and never seeing a car.

The woods are filled with groups of very tiny kids taken for walks by moms or daycare teachers. Klara’s daycare is surrounded by the woods and is often visited by families of deer. It’s a rare day around here that you don’t meet deer or turtles. There are so many of them. The air smells delicious.

If only it weren’t 90°F again.

I have a huge window that covers a whole wall of my office, and there’s a sea of yellow and red leaves outside b

3 thoughts on “At Work”

  1. Ah, Clarissa, you always take such well-composed photographs!

    One of the few things I miss since moving to southern Arizona is the seasonal changing of tree leaves into beautiful fall colors.


  2. That actually reminds me so much of the summer of ‘89 when my mom took a Suzuki (violin) teacher training class (possibly on the same campus). She had a nursing baby at the time and I (13 at the time) went along to care for my baby sister while she was in class. We stayed in a furnished apartment near campus and several times a day I’d push the stroller along these beautiful tree-lined paths to go meet my mom so she could nurse my sister.
    We actually chose our current home because of the very similar tree-lined paths just behind our backyard that connect to many other trails and nearby towns.


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