Crimea Is Ukraine

Trump said that the Crimea is Ukraine.

Yes, I know, nobody cares.

But I do.

6 thoughts on “Crimea Is Ukraine”

      1. The problem is how to pick the moderators and know what you’re getting. I think that the Presidential Debate Commission has shown itself to be extremely biased in always picking Democrats, and often Democrats with hardcore partisan views, to be the moderators. And then we are all told, “Don’t worry, so-and-so is a professional, they will not be biased…” and then it turns out not to be true. It’s a crapshoot. They need to pick conservatives as well to moderate.

        Personally, I think there should only be two types of debate:

        1) Two moderators, one liberal/left and one conservative/right. And then they both ask questions and control things. This way it is ensured that real questions get asked of both sides.

        2) Free-for-all: No moderators, just both candidates go out and blast each other. Not sure if this would work, but would be interesting to experiment with.

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      1. “Been to Crimea?” … “Of course. Hated it.”

        A couple of years before Maidan a colleague went for a kind of symposium/retreat for a couple of weeks in or around Yalta, the pictures and her description made me put it on my ‘to see’ list and I started casually looking for ways to go. I wasn’t enchanted with ways of getting there which were all difficult and time-consuming (horrifically long bus rides, fantastically inconvenient plane or train connections) but it was on my radar… and now will probably never happen…. which is a pity.


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