More Debate

God, enough with stupid COVID already. It’s impossible to persuade the covidiots anyway.

But just so people know, what Trump says is exactly my beliefs on COVID.

Biden is rolling his eyes, smirking, and behaving like a really annoying student in the back of the room.

One thought on “More Debate”

  1. I think COVID-19 is going to do whatever it wants regardless of any hubris measures any of our officials and experts try to take.
    If it’s “in the stars” for one to perish then it doesn’t matter HOW many precautions one takes to avoid the designated inevitable, something will “get them” one way or the other—-“if a virus doesn’t get you a car crash will. Or a stray bullet …”, and so forth.
    COVID-19 is just going to have be allowed to run its full gamut until it finally “dies down”.


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