Talking about Spain

So Spain, right? The party in power is called the Socialist Workers’ Party of Spain. They are socialists. The president of the government is a socialist. The socialists are governing in a coalition with the far-left party Unidas Podemos. These are AOC-type people.

OK? Did I explain this well enough?

The Spanish government took COVID extremely seriously. They’ve put in some of the strongest (and often the strongest) lockdowns and containment measures anywhere on Earth. There’s nothing resembling their lockdowns anywhere in the US. Really serious stuff.

Is this part clear?

The result of all this is that Spain is now in its third wave of COVID mortality. Its overall mortality adjusted by population size is significantly higher than that of the US. And this is taking into account that Spain doesn’t have anything like the US obesity rates.

I know it’s useless to argue with people in the grip of the Trump Derangement Syndrome but I keep thinking they must have a kernel of rationality left somewhere in spite of their illness. Spain is one of quite a few countries demonstrating that blaming Trump for COVID mortality because “he didn’t take it seriously” is not just mistaken. It’s schizophrenic.

To people who are still not understanding what I’m trying to transmit with this post, I can only say that I’m very sorry for what’s been done to you.

7 thoughts on “Talking about Spain”

  1. // Its overall mortality adjusted by population size is significantly higher than that of the US. And this is taking into account that Spain doesn’t have anything like the US obesity rates.

    Do you have any ideas why it is so?


    1. Yes, I do. It’s becoming clear that harsh lockdowns lead to higher mortality because the virus transmits at home and indoors. Not letting people outside is more likely to kill them than letting them outside. Another factor is that the Spanish strategy is preventing people from developing immunity. It’s like ripping off a bandage in tiny increments over days instead of just doing it. It makes the wound hurt more and heal more slowly.

      By the way, it’s been known since April that this virus kills you where you live. The best thing to do is keep your windows open and be outside as much as possible. In Spain, the opposite was done. People were barred even from taking short walks outside. Now we see the result.


      1. Respectfully, it is more likely that the cause has to do with genetics than with lockdowns. To illustrate, the following link shows differences in death rates between races, where everyone lived in the USA. That means that the data is much less distorted by differences in access to food, sanitation, utilities etc.

        Information in the link clearly shows latinos (and blacks) dying at a rate 3 times higher than whites.

        Since people who speak Spanish in the USA are reasonably likely to have (some) Spanish heritage, while white people in the USA are likely to have (some) Anglo/Saxon/Nordic etc heritage, then the fact that deaths in latin speaking countries in Europe are very high compared to Anglo/Saxon/Nordic etc suggests that race is a determinative factor.

        Anyway that is all likely to change soon anyway since the virus mutates so fast. Northern Europe is seeing the beginnings of mass death, imo.


        1. Let’s abstain from words like “mass death.” COVID is nothing but a bad flu season generally and a lot less than that for healthy people under 70.

          There absolutely can be a genetic factor, that’s true. But the death rates for US latinos and blacks necessarily have to take into account extremely high obesity rates in those communities. Their obesity is, to some extent, genetic, so, of course, it’s impossible to disentangle the two. Africa, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have much of a problem with COVID.


          1. According to the rules of politeness, it would be rude of me to persist too energetically except to say that I very much don’t agree. Plus it would take too long, and be out of place 🙂


        2. I would love to see a breakdown of death rates by #of sq ft of home space per person, # of people per household, # of hours spent outdoors per day, air conditioning vs no air conditioning, etc. Not seeing anything like that. But strongly suspect that at least some of those factors are important.

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      2. Outside is definitely fine, but indoor restaurants, gyms, etc. is where a lot of new transmissions seem to be occurring. Truly do feel sorry for people in the service industry 😦


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