The Debate

I caught a snippet of the debate and Trump’s response about COVID is perfect. I don’t care about the idea of a vaccine but the rest is exactly what needed to be said.

Biden is now pretending he’s not in favor of another lockdown. But then he flim-flammed and said he is in favor of the shutdowns.

2 thoughts on “The Debate”

  1. For laughs I’ve been watching the “Trump post-debate fact-checking” segment currently running on CNN.

    The fact-checker admits that, yes, “Trump was not lying” when he said that Biden stated that he would totally ban fracking (Biden’s actual statements on are on videotape ) — but then the fact-checker added that Trump pointing this out in the debate was unfair: After all, Biden didn’t actually mean he was saving, since he’s never proposed it as his official policy. 🙂

    Note that CNN has no equivalent “Biden post-debate fact-checking” segment on its network.

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