What’s Going On?

And Bahrain has now pledged to combat anti-Semitism:

6 thoughts on “What’s Going On?”

  1. In short, conflict is expensive, everyone is broke, unrest across the populations threatens the position and privilege of the ruling classes, and the risk of war is unreasonably high.

    Turkey has become expansionist and is expressing that through Syrian and Azerbaijan, which has drawn in regional power Russia through Armenia, then expressed expansionism again towards Greece, drawing in superpower USA as well as Italy/Egypt as well as gotten the attention of Germany and hence the EU. Meanwhile Lebanon has collapsed, which has animated France, Saudi Arabia, Syria etc and freaked out Israel.

    In a way it is similar to the pre WW1 situation just needing someone to kill an Arch Duke for everything to be set off, and so all sorts of agreements are being made in an attempt to stop that.


    1. “similar to the pre WW1 situation”

      I’ve been saying for a while (gallows humor) that the current situation is a bit like WWI with the epidemic before the shooting and not after.
      I hope that I’m wrong but the elite in so many countries are of such….. low quality and low morals that it’s impossible for a sane person to trust them not to stumble into a global war….


      1. You’re not wrong imo. In my experience, many of those kinds of people are basically the children of rich scammers, who are generally instructed by the family legal team that their job from now on is to take as little risk as possible and just preserve the family fortune.

        Since war is largely about creating an excuse to dispossess the public and/or finding a way to cover up company failure by giving them something new to manufacture (to preserve the scammer family fortune), maybe the pandemic has stopped a regional war or two from breaking out.

        It’s a wonder that so few people notice that or talk about it. I mean, you’d think that rich people are the ones with enough money to take the risk of starting a new company or industry, but they don’t. Instead they sit back while practically broke people do so, or while government funded research makes something new, followed by moving in to “manage” the new thing and replenish the scammer family coffers.


  2. There is a huge power struggle in the Middle East between Sunnis and Shiites, where Saudia Arabia is the leader (or claims to be) of the the Sunnis and Iran is the leader of the Shiites. The US is losing interest in the Middle East and slowly pulling out, so all the Sunni ruling families are freaking out. They are looking to Israel as a security guarantor against Iran.

    In Bahrain, upwards of 60% of the population is Shiite, but the ruling family is Sunni. With Iran next door they are rightly freaking out at any prospect of American pull out of the region.


    1. “they are rightly freaking out at any prospect of American pull out of the region”

      That makes since… the specter of being on their own against Iran is making them play nice…. not the best reason but… not the worst either.


      1. Should probably mention that Turkey and Saudi Arabia have been in a struggle for a while about who is the “leader” of the Muslim world. The Saudis are claiming the right because the city of Mecca is within their territories, while the Turks are claiming the same due to the Ottoman Empire being headquartered in Turkey.

        So, tensions are going up for that reason as well, again creating conditions for proxy war (especially in Lebanon atm)


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