The Great Reset Discussion, Part 5

Schwab says politicians are useless, yet he’s not above supporting the ones he likes. For instance, he promises “a much reduced geopolitical role” for the US and a loss of its status as global currency for the US dollar if Trump is re-elected. Why? Schwab isn’t shy about sharing his opinion: Trump is too nationalistic and his policies aim to advance the interests of the US instead of promoting global interests at the expense of the US.

Immediately after, Schwab praises China to the skies and seems to forget that China is extremely nationalistic in a way that the US is no longer capable of being.

But hey, forget the collapse of the dollar and the end of the global dominance of the US. There’s something much more important that will happen because of SARS-COV-2, Schwab says.

Neoliberalism will die.

The Great Reset Discussion, Part 4

Schwab’s use of SARS-COV-2 to achieve very specific goals becomes clear early in the book. He cites the Imperial College model from March – a model that has been debunked and proven to be a fiction that even its creator Neil Ferguson didn’t believe – as gospel truth. In June, when the book was written, using this model as a serious piece of data and the only model in existence, like Schwab does, is simply dishonest. It’s not possible – no matter how ignorant you are – honestly to believe that death counts keep doubling daily. If Schwab pretends that they do, it’s because his whole plan is predicated on people being as scared of SARS-COV-2 as they were in March.

Schwab is convinced that the only thing that can offer a hope for the recovery of the economy is a vaccine. He forgets to mention that, with a rapidly mutating virus, there won’t be a vaccine. Nor is it necessary since, just in the US, death rates have dropped by 80-85%. The virus, like coronaviruses tend to do, loses potency with each mutation. Today’s SARS-COV-2 is not the same it was in February-March.

None of these well-known facts enter Schwab’s calculations. He needs the virus to be extremely deadly for at least 2 more years. Or, since that’s not possible, he needs us to believe that it is.

Schwab is a great fan of lockdowns. People should stay at home to let technology take their place. He has been advocating for this for years but now there’s a perfect excuse to keep people from working by force.

What’s interesting in the book is how insistently Schwab peppers the text with the favorite – and utterly meaningless – words of clueless, rich lefties. Inclusion, diversity, sustainability, fairness, creativity, green everything – these are the things that will supposedly compensate us for losing our jobs, our capacity to travel, our education, and our representative democracy. Schwab often sounds like he’s to the left of The Jacobin, and that’s not accidental.

The Great Reset Discussion, Part 3

An idea that is repeated often in the book is that politicians are incapable of understanding the complexity of the times we live in. Democracy is too slow and unwieldy to serve the needs of extremely complex societies like ours. So it follows that ultra-intelligent people whom nobody voted for and who aren’t part of any political process should be in charge of running things globally.

This doesn’t mean that local or national governments should be disbanded. Not at all! They should be strengthened but in a singular way. These governments should have a lot of power to impose the dictates of this unelected uber-smart group of people whose interests are global and who aren’t attached to any particular territory.

Schwab obviously thinks he’s one of the uber-intelligent beings who should decide everything on a global scale. This is quite funny given that his book isn’t very smart. It’s the work of a lazy, uncurious, dogmatic mind and is riddled with errors that could be avoided if the author had bothered to use Google to verify his claims.

From the mysteriously expired quechuas to the childishly false analogies between the Bubonic plague and COVID (“these were the consequences of the Bubonic plague 400 years ago. So it must follow that the consequences of COVID will be identical!”), the quality of the argument is that of a smug freshman. The quality of the writing is worse.

This is one of the saddest things about this whole phenomenon. The only argument all of the Bill Gateses, Zuckerbergs and Schwabs ever advance is that they should be in charge because they are so much smarter than everybody else. But in reality, they aren’t even that smart. That is, they are brilliant in their narrow area of expertise, which is what made them rich. But their understanding of history, society, politics, etc is poor, and their hubris is preventing them from learning more.

The Great Reset Discussion, Part 2

In order to battle SARS-COV-2 – which obviously is going to exist forever and keep killing exponentially larger numbers of people every day, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding – the following will need to arise (emphasis in the quote is mine):

a global surveillance network capable of identifying new outbreaks as soon as they arise, laboratories in multiple locations around the world that can rapidly analyse new viral strains and develop effective treatments, large IT infrastructures so that communities can prepare and react effectively, appropriate and coordinated policy mechanisms to efficiently implement the decisions once they are made, and so on.

Only the utterly naive will believe that this is truly about SARS-COV-2, that this global surveillance network will limit itself to tracking SARS-COV-2 outbreaks, or that it is going to disappear once the virus is no longer an issue. The virus is clearly an excuse. Global surveillance is the goal.

Schwab recognizes this when he says that globalization has made life so incredibly risky and democratic governments so useless that nothing but intense global surveillance can offer us any security in the face of all these uniquely terrifying and extremely riskily risky risks that are putting us all at risk.

If you think I overused the word “risk,” don’t read Schwab’s book. His use of the word is a lot more liberal and, I’d even say, somewhat hypnotizing.

The Great Reset Discussion, Part 1

Schwab begins his book with a collection of such bold-faced lies that it becomes clear how little people like him respect rabble like us.

The idea that the Aztec and the Inca emperors and almost all their subjects died in a pandemic seems ludicrous at first but then you get to the really big stuff that makes all those fortunately undead indigenous Americans seem like small potatoes.

After drawing an analogy between SARS-COV-2 and the plague of 1349 that killed a third of all Europe, Schwab announces that COVID is worse than not only the global economic crisis of 2008 and 9/11 but also the Great Depression of 1929 and even the 1918 “Spanish” flu.

Obviously, Schwab isn’t insane and doesn’t think the virus is actually deadlier or more destructive than the “Spanish” flu. It’s what the smokescreen of this utterly unremarkable virus will allow people like Schwab to do to us that’s a big deal. The big lie here is that Schwab is announcing the trauma he and his buddies want to inflict on us as a foregone conclusion. And please note how every news outlet has been channeling this exact thought for months. “This is terrible, terrible, terrible. The new normal, the new normal, the new normal.” The digital oligarchy, in the meantime, has been censoring any dissenting view.

It’s not a conspiracy theory. Schwab clearly states that the goal is to usher in a new world order:

The possibilities for change and the resulting new order are now unlimited and only bound by our imagination, for better or for worse…
We should take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to reimagine our world.

The “we” here is obviously not the poor schmucks like me and you. It’s the Schwabs of this world who’ll be taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

The words “imagine, reimagine, imagination, etc” pepper the text so liberally because this is precisely about Schwab and Co imposing their fantasy of how things should be on all of us. None of what Schwab promises in this book is natural or unavoidable. SARS-COV-2 doesn’t need to be any more transformational than SARS-COV-1.

But some people really want it to be.