The Great Reset Discussion, Part 1

Schwab begins his book with a collection of such bold-faced lies that it becomes clear how little people like him respect rabble like us.

The idea that the Aztec and the Inca emperors and almost all their subjects died in a pandemic seems ludicrous at first but then you get to the really big stuff that makes all those fortunately undead indigenous Americans seem like small potatoes.

After drawing an analogy between SARS-COV-2 and the plague of 1349 that killed a third of all Europe, Schwab announces that COVID is worse than not only the global economic crisis of 2008 and 9/11 but also the Great Depression of 1929 and even the 1918 “Spanish” flu.

Obviously, Schwab isn’t insane and doesn’t think the virus is actually deadlier or more destructive than the “Spanish” flu. It’s what the smokescreen of this utterly unremarkable virus will allow people like Schwab to do to us that’s a big deal. The big lie here is that Schwab is announcing the trauma he and his buddies want to inflict on us as a foregone conclusion. And please note how every news outlet has been channeling this exact thought for months. “This is terrible, terrible, terrible. The new normal, the new normal, the new normal.” The digital oligarchy, in the meantime, has been censoring any dissenting view.

It’s not a conspiracy theory. Schwab clearly states that the goal is to usher in a new world order:

The possibilities for change and the resulting new order are now unlimited and only bound by our imagination, for better or for worse…
We should take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to reimagine our world.

The “we” here is obviously not the poor schmucks like me and you. It’s the Schwabs of this world who’ll be taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

The words “imagine, reimagine, imagination, etc” pepper the text so liberally because this is precisely about Schwab and Co imposing their fantasy of how things should be on all of us. None of what Schwab promises in this book is natural or unavoidable. SARS-COV-2 doesn’t need to be any more transformational than SARS-COV-1.

But some people really want it to be.

3 thoughts on “The Great Reset Discussion, Part 1”

  1. The idea that the Aztec and Inca were wiped out by a pandemic doesn’t just seem ludicrous. It is ludicrous. Both of those civilisations fell due to invasion by a technologically sophisticated opponent, namely, the Spanish. Disease was an accompaniment, but not a sole cause.


  2. Schwab and his agenda are unquestionably important, but I still wonder how it all fits together. Schwab is an elite European technocrat, the guru of Davos. The tech companies of the west are run by American west-coast oligarchs. Then we have the multi-decade evolution of ‘center-left’ parties everywhere, first to embrace economic neoliberalism and now the culture of progressivism. Then we have businesses large and small embracing e.g. Zoom and BLM; and also the millennial masses who vote Democrat, Green, etc. And against this gestalt, one has nationalists, conservatives, traditionalists, many “old-fashioned liberals”, and so forth.

    I feel a need to understand this new gestalt, and in particular its internal contradictions. At a political level, conservatives say that Biden will just be a front for ‘the radical left’; meanwhile, plenty of progressives express disdain for Biden and Harris. And perhaps one should not underestimate the extent to which Biden will resist ‘the radical left’. After all, someone paid good money to make sure that he, and not Sanders, would be the Democratic nominee. (A possible resolution would be that the economic agenda of the radical left is rejected, but their cultural agenda is supported.)

    I feel that this gestalt took shape under Obama, but then received two shocks to the system. One is the Trump presidency. If Trump gets reelected, then there is a possibility that the new social and technological forces will actually be marshalled in support of values other than progressive. The other shock is coronavirus. Certainly Schwab and co are trying to approach coronavirus as an opportunity. Nonetheless, it wasn’t part of the plan.

    The plan was to dissolve all nations in the borderless marketplace. Instead we had a temporary collapse of globalism and an emergency revitalization of the nation-state. You could almost say that coronavirus increased the importance (for globalists) of national politics, since it increased the relevance of nations for governance. Trump, Brexit, etc were just a populist revolt against open borders, but coronavirus actually required the state to act. So it has become important to ensure that pro- rather than anti-globalist elements control the revitalized state.

    … I don’t know if I’m getting this right, this is just my attempt to intuit what’s going on. I just think that coronavirus is bigger than any of the political actors here. It further splintered or re-nationalized a world in which the Rest had already stopped listening to the West. Schwab’s manifesto (which I have not read!) may be relevant for the EU, maybe for the US if Biden gets in, maybe for a few other places. But the other big civilizations of the world don’t need a Schwab to tell them what to do with all these new technologies. They are quite capable of coming up with their own ideas and agendas. They’ll read him with interest but won’t bow down to him. That’s my prediction.


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