The Great Reset Discussion, Part 4

Schwab’s use of SARS-COV-2 to achieve very specific goals becomes clear early in the book. He cites the Imperial College model from March – a model that has been debunked and proven to be a fiction that even its creator Neil Ferguson didn’t believe – as gospel truth. In June, when the book was written, using this model as a serious piece of data and the only model in existence, like Schwab does, is simply dishonest. It’s not possible – no matter how ignorant you are – honestly to believe that death counts keep doubling daily. If Schwab pretends that they do, it’s because his whole plan is predicated on people being as scared of SARS-COV-2 as they were in March.

Schwab is convinced that the only thing that can offer a hope for the recovery of the economy is a vaccine. He forgets to mention that, with a rapidly mutating virus, there won’t be a vaccine. Nor is it necessary since, just in the US, death rates have dropped by 80-85%. The virus, like coronaviruses tend to do, loses potency with each mutation. Today’s SARS-COV-2 is not the same it was in February-March.

None of these well-known facts enter Schwab’s calculations. He needs the virus to be extremely deadly for at least 2 more years. Or, since that’s not possible, he needs us to believe that it is.

Schwab is a great fan of lockdowns. People should stay at home to let technology take their place. He has been advocating for this for years but now there’s a perfect excuse to keep people from working by force.

What’s interesting in the book is how insistently Schwab peppers the text with the favorite – and utterly meaningless – words of clueless, rich lefties. Inclusion, diversity, sustainability, fairness, creativity, green everything – these are the things that will supposedly compensate us for losing our jobs, our capacity to travel, our education, and our representative democracy. Schwab often sounds like he’s to the left of The Jacobin, and that’s not accidental.

4 thoughts on “The Great Reset Discussion, Part 4”

  1. “he’s to the left of The Jacobin”

    In the simplest possible terms (yes oversimplifying a lot…. sue me!)

    hardcore conservatives : X knows best (X being one or more documents with a lot of history behind them) if you disagree then you’re lost… I’m so sorry.

    hardcore libertarians : you know best! if you disagree then stay away from me (or I’ll hurt you).

    hardcore leftists : we know best and if you disagree then keep it to yourself…. or we’ll hurt you.

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      1. Absolutely never. It’s a defining characteristic of leftism everywhere that it wants to change your thoughts and possess your brain. Compliance isn’t enough. You need to be a fanatical believer. People think I’m exaggerating or trying to shock. But it’s literal truth.

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