The Great Reset Discussion, Part 5

Schwab says politicians are useless, yet he’s not above supporting the ones he likes. For instance, he promises “a much reduced geopolitical role” for the US and a loss of its status as global currency for the US dollar if Trump is re-elected. Why? Schwab isn’t shy about sharing his opinion: Trump is too nationalistic and his policies aim to advance the interests of the US instead of promoting global interests at the expense of the US.

Immediately after, Schwab praises China to the skies and seems to forget that China is extremely nationalistic in a way that the US is no longer capable of being.

But hey, forget the collapse of the dollar and the end of the global dominance of the US. There’s something much more important that will happen because of SARS-COV-2, Schwab says.

Neoliberalism will die.

5 thoughts on “The Great Reset Discussion, Part 5”

  1. “Neoliberalism will die.”

    I hope Schwartz realizes he is predicting self-immolation for himself and the globalized system he believes will inherit the New World post-COVID…but that would be too optimstic.

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      1. My guess is he’s opportunistically deploying one of the 100 different definitions of neoliberalism that happens to exclude global supply chains, the belief in the market as the ideal information processor that sets prices, the necessity of state intervention to maintain optimal conditions, and/or any other inconvenient features that don’t jibe with his vision of the future. Since academics routinely disagree on which traits are essential anyway, it’s not like Schwartz would be cowed by stringent blowback.


      2. “what does he mean?”

        My guess is that he thinks it will ‘die’ by ceasing to be a political idea and becoming something that everyone simply believes in and doesn’t think to question, like gravity.


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