Cossacks vs Vikings

In Ukraine, about 20% of people who test positive for COVID get hospitalized.

In Norway, about 2% of people who test positive for COVID get hospitalized.

It’s the same COVID but different cultures.

A Deal

Let’s make a deal. If Biden wins and we do see a dramatic decrease in woke craziness, I will write a post about it and publicly recognize that I was talking out of my ass and completely misjudged the situation.

But if electing him brings no reduction in wokeness and woke craziness actually intensifies, I’d like the people who were nodding in agreement with the idea that voting for Biden is the best way to stop wokeness to come here and recognize that they were wrong.

No childish wiggling of the “yes but it would have been worse with Trump,” though. You either will be sitting in an “anti-racist” training by May or you won’t.

I’ll be here waiting.

Imagine All the People

If Biden wins, imagine the litany of articles, posts, tweets and newscasts titled, “We Need to Make Sure that There’s Never Another Trump” with the craziest policy proposals aimed at ensuring that, in the future, the proles stay at heel.

Imagine the vindictiveness, the persecution of anybody who ever stood somewhere in the vicinity of a Trump-Pence sign.

Imagine the kangaroo courts in the remaining workplaces. Imagine the hysterics of the aging starlets eager to share how they suffered in the past four years.

Imagine the self-congratulation, the demands for greater ideological purity, the announcements that Trump was punishment for them not being intransigent, violent or cruel enough.

Imagine the self-righteousness, the demands that everybody prove their Resistance bona fides. Imagine daily contests in who condemns the past four years in more shocking terms.

And then imagine the slow realization that nothing whatsoever has gotten better without Trump. Imagine what they’ll do after it begins to sink in that this 4-year-long tantrum they’ve been having had nothing whatsoever to do with Trump.

Imagine that.