A Deal

Let’s make a deal. If Biden wins and we do see a dramatic decrease in woke craziness, I will write a post about it and publicly recognize that I was talking out of my ass and completely misjudged the situation.

But if electing him brings no reduction in wokeness and woke craziness actually intensifies, I’d like the people who were nodding in agreement with the idea that voting for Biden is the best way to stop wokeness to come here and recognize that they were wrong.

No childish wiggling of the “yes but it would have been worse with Trump,” though. You either will be sitting in an “anti-racist” training by May or you won’t.

I’ll be here waiting.

41 thoughts on “A Deal”

      1. Look up footage of recent Trump rallies and recent Biden rallies. You’ll feel better. People are coming out of the woodwork to vote for Trump this year. People who’ve never voted before. People who haven’t voted in ten years. People who usually vote Democrat. All kinds of people. And I believe the Trafalgar guy when he says the percentage of black people voting Trump is anywhere from 15-20% by his estimate (but that they are very, very uneasy talking to pollsters about it).

        Remember you’re in a university-town bubble. The rest of the US isn’t like that.

        If you tolerate video (not for everyone, I know), Dan Bongino had Mr. Cahaly from Trafalgar on his show– interesting interview, and filled me with optimism about the polling numbers and the election generally. It’s the first interview in the vid, before he talks to Giuliani:

        And there’s also this: Rasmussen is starting to agree, just today:

        Add to that: early voter turnout has been huge. I don’t think that’s all due to covid fears. I think that happened because there are way more people voting this year. That didn’t happen because they’re crazy about Biden.

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        1. TL:DR Cahaly thinks PA is majority for Trump, but because of the history and scale of fraud it could go either way. He thinks overall, the polling leans toward a Trump victory.


            1. “President Trump maintains a narrow lead in Texas, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll on Monday, as he faces a rebellion in the state’s once overwhelmingly Republican suburbs but survives with support from an unlikely ally, Hispanic voters.”


              1. “As a result, Mr. Biden has not improved over Mrs. Clinton’s performance at all outside of the well-educated, competitive and fast-changing districts, according to the Times/Siena survey. Mr. Trump maintains nearly all of his strength among the Hispanic, Black and white working-class voters who prevail outside of the state’s affluent neighborhoods.”


          1. I’ve seen the polls. I’ve also seen interviews with Cahaly of Trafalgar polling (the only outfit to call it correctly in 2016), and I’ve seen dozens of reports of people losing their jobs and/or being savagely attacked on social media for expressing support for Trump. If anything “shy Trump voter” is more of a factor this time around. I’m optimistic, in spite of the polls. We’ll know one way or another in a week or so.


  1. Amy Coney Barrett just got confirmed to the Supreme Court by the Senate. Fox showed the voting live, while MSNBC and CNN made no mention of the news at all.


  2. My bet would be that under a Harris/Biden administration there will be less open violence but more shoving crt down people’s throats in schools and at work. I also expect head on attempts to take away the tax exempt status of religious groups that do not support gay marriage.


    1. Yep. 100%. Ibram Kendi wants his dogma to be put into law, maybe even a constitutional amendment. I don’t think he’ll get the amendment but he’ll get his legislation passed and signed within months of Biden’s inauguration.


      1. “but he’ll get his legislation passed and signed within months of Biden’s inauguration.” We are all more likely to die from Covid than to see Kendi’s ideas become law.

        But if I’m wrong, I’ll be one of the first to admit it.


  3. A couple of days ago, videos were released of Hunter Biden smoking something from a glass pipe while some woman rubber her foot on his penis. Apparently, the videos along with some emails and text messages demoralised the Biden camp and led to staff walking out en masse.

    Today there is a new video and more emails which seem a bit worse, because this time, the alleged corruption seems more severe, while the penis is being rubbed by two feet instead of just one.

    Somehow, I just don’t see a Biden presidency happening while all of this is going on.


    1. Yeah, as much as Twitter et al are trying to keep a lid on it… the details are too salacious. People are going looking for it elsewhere. It doesn’t help that the girl in that video is apparently his underage niece (sound of retching), and the release was followed up by some text messages between various members of the family on the subject of keeping the girl’s mother from telling anyone else about it.

      Americans on the whole are pretty understanding about having a kid who’s an addict. It could happen to anyone, right? I don’t think we’ve got to the point where people are OK with incest.


    2. Don’t you feel a little ashamed bringing up such stupid gossip? Seriously, this is so irrelevant and ridiculous to bring up, I don’t see how you even type that up and expect to be taken seriously.


      1. “so irrelevant and ridiculous to bring up”

        Your point would have some validity if several significant parts of the laptop material didn’t raise serious questions about the existence of foreign and/or domestic kompromat on a potential U.S. President. This is not about inconsequential peccadillos.


        1. I’d agree to an extend if this was about JOE Biden, the actual presidential candidate. Nobody outside gossip people cares about Hunter Biden’s sex life.


          1. “this was about JOE Biden”

            You mean the big guy who appears to have been taking pay-to-play kick-backs on deals with foreign governments and foreign business entities channeled through his son, the one scandalously featured on the laptop videos? That JOE Biden? Seriously, look away… nothing to see here??


      2. But is it irrelevant, when so many Americans are seeing it (and being revolted by it) that it causes a spike in Google searches for “Can I change my vote?” That seems relevant.


      3. Hunter Biden, who appears to be smoking illegal drugs, is the son of Joe Biden, who has been part of government for 47 years overseeing a drug war that has seen millions of people thrown into jail for using the same drugs that Hunter Biden appears to be using, which therefore makes the video relevant.

        Also, I think that the woman who is with Hunter Biden is, at the very least, an accessory to his drug use, which makes my talking about her foot rubbing his penis relevant too because it is describing the circumstances of the drug use.


        1. In all of the years of this blog’s existence, this is definitely the most sexually explicit thread I can remember, that’s for sure. ☺️☺️☺️


          1. The people revealing all of the Hunter Biden material just compared the nose of a female performing fellatio on Hunter Biden to the nose of his niece, declaring it to be a match, followed by putting up pictures of Hunter in bed with two naked females at the same time.

            Then, just to show how twisted this election is, they took the time to zoom in on the fluffy white dog sitting happily on the bed behind the two naked females.


              1. Don’t go to GTV! You’ll have to wash your eyeballs!

                The Gateway Pundit has most of the tabloid-worthy details, without the images… and Parler is taking in all the Twitter refugees who’ve had their accounts locked for mentioning it. Searching #HunterBiden on Parler will get you everything that you’d normally expect to be on Twitter about it. Twitter just killed thousands of accounts over this. Not exaggerating. I don’t have a sense of how many FB has suspended, but people showing up on Mewe have been commenting on it– “It was suddenly so quiet! Where did everybody go?” This week has seen a massive social media purge.

                The Bobulinski interview tonight on Tucker Carlson promises to be epic, though. I sort of wish I had a TV. That’s just about the Biden family’s financial corruption, not about the non-G-rated stuff the internet is going wild about.

                One thing’s certain: the proles are getting a good, clear look at the lifestyles of our social “betters” and are not happy with what they’re seeing.


              2. @george:

                Hey now! I was just trying to save someone the experience I have, of clicking onto that site unprepared, and with kids in the room! Even with pixel boxes, I have now seen far, far more of the junior Biden than I ever wanted to see.


              3. Methylethyl, my brain is so fried that at this point in the election, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Hunter Biden imitated an elephant, cracked open a peanut with his willie, and ate it with his bumcheeks. I just don’t see why I should be the only one to be damaged in this way.

                Also the way Clarissa mentioned the senior Biden reminds me of the original Ghostbusters movie, when they’re all standing outside Zuul. That wouldn’t surprise me either.


  4. Random thoughts as midnight approaches:

    Well, these “videos” (still images moved about) are nonsense. All from China (which supposedly wants Biden elected), and most of them not even showing a face that resembles Hunter Biden. It’s very easy nowadays to superimpose famous faces onto other people’s bodies with Photoshop-like apps.

    Fake or not, there’s no no evidence at all to Adam Schiff’s literally bug-eyed claims that these Chinese-texted videos came from Russia.

    Does anybody really think that even a drug-addled clown like Joe Biden’s son would be stupid enough to turn in a laptop with these images on it?

    But in the end, these videos are irrelevant. Voters aren’t paying any attention to Hunter Biden, and very little to either candidates’ policies. For all the talk about court-packing and the future of fracking, this election is going to come down to COVID-19 and Trump’s handling of the pandemic.



    1. Dreidel, don’t go around ruining people’s erotic fan fiction like that. People need their erotic fan fiction in these trying times, please don’t ruin it for them with your common sense.


    2. Dreidel, if the videos, pictures, or emails were fake, someone would have denied their authenticity by now, but no one has. Instead, Joe Biden himself is saying that the election is between him and Donald Trump, not their kids.

      In addition to that, other, very substantial people who have seen more of the videos are not only also saying that it is Hunter Biden, but also, why Hunter and Joe aren’t in handcuffs.

      Given how much voter fraud there has been, I think that it is over. Trump is obliged to contest the election result in court and investigate the Biden family even if he loses the election – which doesn’t seem likely – which means that he will almost certainly be last man standing at the end of that and so retain the presidency.

      That orange man is quite clever sometimes, you know 🙂


    3. “Voters aren’t paying any attention to Hunter Biden”

      I think that’s a grave mistake. People in your social circle are not paying attention to Hunter Biden. Down here in the lower echelons, everybody– and I mean EVERYBODY– is hashing out the gory details in low tones after the kids are in bed. I am not kidding. More than once, after my sister gets home from work and we hash out the day’s ghastly revelations, trying to figure out what’s important and what’s not, her coworker calls and goes “OMG HAVE YOU HEARD….?” about whatever new and horrible thing just crossed her radar about it.

      If you live in a PMC media bubble, and this is mystifying to you, here are the three important takeaways:

      1)You may think the sex and drugs aren’t important. But we, and a lot of folks we know, have friends and family members who’ve gone to jail on drug charges, and for going down the wrong internet rabbithole and downloading (knowingly or not) CP. They made poor decisions and they deserved to go to jail. Nobody’s got a problem with that. The issue is that there is now very public evidence that the son of the vice president is just as guilty of these things, and has never seen the inside of a jail cell for it (and in fact, the FBI has has the evidence for 9 months and just sat on it). Meanwhile his Dad, who knew of his exploits, passed laws to increase drug penalties for the rest of us. To say that doesn’t play well is a drastic understatement. One of my old schoolmates (again, he deserves it) is sitting in prison right now awaiting trial for downloading the wrong batch of “free” naughty pictures during the lockdown when nobody was coming to visit his bored, handicapped self. He had to tell his family not to post bail, because they’d risk losing their house. Meanwhile, the scions of the rich can take their own underaged naughty pictures, while smoking whatever the heck they want, have it turned in to the FBI, and they are still sleeping comfortably at home, not in the county lockup. This makes people livid. Rules for thee, but not for we.

      2) However scandalous that might be, it’s nothing compared to the evidence that the DNC’s candidate, while he was VP was getting millions in kickbacks from his son’s “business”– which was apparently selling access to his dad. This is clear in the emails from the laptop, but has also been corroborated by two of HB’s old business partners. One of whom is going to be the guest of honor on Tucker Carlson tonight.

      3) Twitter, Facebook, and Google/YouTube have been trying to censor all of it, with the complete collusion of the corporate newsmedia. If you haven’t heard about this stuff yet, or you can’t see why it’s a big deal, it’s because you haven’t seen most of it. Twitter has locked thousands of accounts including the New York Post, for having the gall to mention it. FB has been suspending accounts and deleting groups like crazy, trying to quash this.

      Before concluding it’s nothing, maybe try stepping outside your media bubble a little to see what the fuss is about?


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