Imagine All the People

If Biden wins, imagine the litany of articles, posts, tweets and newscasts titled, “We Need to Make Sure that There’s Never Another Trump” with the craziest policy proposals aimed at ensuring that, in the future, the proles stay at heel.

Imagine the vindictiveness, the persecution of anybody who ever stood somewhere in the vicinity of a Trump-Pence sign.

Imagine the kangaroo courts in the remaining workplaces. Imagine the hysterics of the aging starlets eager to share how they suffered in the past four years.

Imagine the self-congratulation, the demands for greater ideological purity, the announcements that Trump was punishment for them not being intransigent, violent or cruel enough.

Imagine the self-righteousness, the demands that everybody prove their Resistance bona fides. Imagine daily contests in who condemns the past four years in more shocking terms.

And then imagine the slow realization that nothing whatsoever has gotten better without Trump. Imagine what they’ll do after it begins to sink in that this 4-year-long tantrum they’ve been having had nothing whatsoever to do with Trump.

Imagine that.

15 thoughts on “Imagine All the People”

  1. Nah. Self-awareness is clearly not their strong suit. They’ll just find another scapegoat. It’s not Trump anymore. Now it’s xyz evil thing that stands in the way of Progress and must be destroyed…


  2. They only need enough self awareness to realize that protesting is a winning strategy and the best way to get Biden to do what they want it to continue protesting.


    1. It’s not about the people who are protesting or what they want. They are only needed to cast their vote and shut up. In fact it’s important that they not get what they need or want so that they keep voting and keep the people in power who really work for the big tech and their vision of the world.

      If Biden wins, they will deal with protests in the best way there is: acknowledging the cause and talking about it until everyone is sick of it and hopefully loses interest. With the bunch of dummies who were protesting all summer this is quite easy to accomplish.


    1. The idea that giving people more power weakens them is an unusual one, that’s for sure. It never worked this way anywhere in the world. Examples abound showing that wokesters get extremely rabid once they get power.

      But of course Americans are such special cookies that it’s bound to be completely different in their case.


      1. So… if my three-year-old wants me to buy that bright shiny thing in the store, and starts crying for it, I should just buy it for him, to make him stop. And then he’ll always behave in the store after, because now he’s got what he wanted and he’s permanently happy.

        (see how I said that with a totally straight face?)


      2. It’s not about appeasing the woke. It’s about persuading the well-meaning that the woke are wrong. The woke want everyone to believe that our society is irredeemably sexist and racist. The election of a transparent bigot, and massive idiot to boot, made their claims seem plausible. He brought Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller into his administration and applauded attacks on reporters. It made it seem plausible that America is irredeemably illiberal.

        Electing a centrist does not give the wokesters what they actually want, but it tells the well-meaning people that America is not what the wokesters claim it is. America is a place where you can be decent without buying everything sold by DiAngelo, Kendi, etc. America is a place where we can go for a decent middle ground that rejects both Trump and the wokesters.


        1. “The election of a transparent bigot, and massive idiot to boot, made their claims seem plausible. He brought Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller into his administration and applauded attacks on reporters. It made it seem plausible that America is irredeemably illiberal.”

          You get it, Alex the Physicist. Nicely done.


        2. “Electing a centrist”

          How is corporation and war loving Biden a …… centrist? If he’s centrist then what’s a corporate hawk look like?

          The woke are kind of irrelevant, they’re a symptom and not a disease and the disease is the deep, deep rot in both parties and the pathological greed of the ruling class and vulture capitalists that have devastated so much of what was once economically productive areas.
          The woke have seen what’s been done to unpopular groups and they’re trying desperately to signal “We’re special! Don’t do that to us! You owe it to us to not do that to us!” and those that have caused the ruin are playing along for the moment and using the woke to inflict more social and economic damage on American citizens..
          That’s the problem.


        3. Joe Biden has affirmed every dogma of the radical gender identity movement, including the idea of transitioning very small children. Harris has been actively encouraging people to donate to the fund that bails out violent rioters. Biden has affirmed every belief espoused by the rioters. Neither he nor Harris never said a word about the overreaches of the Ibram Kendi crowd.

          What is the evidence that they will have anything against the Ibram Kendi proposal to put his understanding of race into law? Biden says Antifa isn’t real, it’s just “an idea.” That’s the decent middle ground? That’s the center? Transing 8-year-olds is decent? Centrist? And everybody who doesn’t support this is an indecent bigot?


          1. “Joe Biden has affirmed every dogma ”

            Biden has always followed the corporate party line and Black Lives Matter and “uterus haver” are the 21st century versions of “Greed is good!”


  3. Respectfully, that isn’t how their psychology works. Trump is to blame for everything that he did, and also to blame for everything that someone else who would have won would have done. Nothing ever “sinks in”, and nothing is ever their own fault. Always someone else or something else.


  4. What you describe in your post is not likely to happen, despite a Tweet from Robert Reich calling for a Truth & Reconciliation Commission (LOL) after the inauguration, if Biden wins.


    1. Robert Reich and Paul Krugman have two things in common. In years past, they both wrote reasonable columns about economics. But now they’ve been reduced to babbling idiots, so scared shitless by the transient phantom of Donald Trump that all they can do is howl impotently at his werewolf image in the moonlight.


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