Biden’s Big Philly Rally

There’s a big rally of Biden supporters in Philly tonight. They looted the same Walmart twice, beat up a journalist, looted a bunch of other stores, smashed up a fast-food place, shot a teenage girl, and set up a Bank of America branch on fire while there was a person trapped inside.

But hey, as soon as Biden wins the election, they will quit rallying because beating people and stealing large appliances will stop being fun.

The Bobulinski Interview

I didn’t think I would hear anything interesting in Tucker’s interview with Tony Bobulinski. Yes, Hunter is terrible, who cares?

But the interview isn’t about Hunter at all. He barely gets mentioned. It’s all about Joe Biden and his corruption.

It’s pretty stunning, actually. Do take a listen.

No End

I went on Twitter and scrolled through Biden’s and then Harris’s accounts. There’s no condemnation of the terrible violence and rioting in Philadelphia. Nothing. Harris is tweeting about sneakers. Seriously, go check. Nothing about the violence done by their supporters in the name of their shared goals.

Tell me once again how this is Trump’s fault and Biden will put an end to this.

Biden Rallies

People often say that it’s impossible to imagine Trump losing the election because he’s having massive rallies and Biden has none.


Biden has been having enormous, incredibly large, ultra packed rallies going on daily in Portland, Seattle, Wakesha, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York – the list is endless.

There have been daily Biden rallies in every newsroom, every boardroom, every faculty meeting. There’s a constant rally on Facebook, and not just among users but among owners. Turn on your TV right now. I’m sure there’s a Biden rally going on. There’s a mega rally on Wall Street.

These rallies differ from the traditional kind in that their participants don’t want to hear what their candidate has to say. The candidate’s only use is that he’ll shut up and let them do what they have been enacting for us for the past few years. Hence the format of the rallies. The candidate isn’t celebrated. Instead, he’s ritually humiliated so that he knows his place.