Biden’s Big Philly Rally

There’s a big rally of Biden supporters in Philly tonight. They looted the same Walmart twice, beat up a journalist, looted a bunch of other stores, smashed up a fast-food place, shot a teenage girl, and set up a Bank of America branch on fire while there was a person trapped inside.

But hey, as soon as Biden wins the election, they will quit rallying because beating people and stealing large appliances will stop being fun.

5 thoughts on “Biden’s Big Philly Rally”

  1. Yeah, I heard about the new rioting tonight on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time.”

    Here’s how Chris Cuomo described the events (not an exact quote): “Two policemen shot a mentally disturbed black man who was only 27 years old after his parents had called for help. Now we can add his name [which Cuomo stated very sadly] to the long list of black victims of systemic racism in this country.” He paused to show several family photographs of the dead man smiling and hugging his mother. “After the break, I’ll be interviewing his grieving father and the family’s attorney…”

    He showed the police body videocam recording of the shooting, but made no mention AT ALL that the disturbed man was charging the officers with a knife in his hand. Not an image or word about any of the looting and arson that followed. No mention of the thirty cops injured by thrown objects, or of the policewoman who was deliberately run down by a truck. Does anyone think her name will ever get airtime?

    This election is almost over — but every store window that’s smashed, every looted television that’s carried out of a Walmart is another vote for Donald trump. We’ll see who’s more motivated to get out and go to the polls next week: the noble progressives who despise Trump, or the “deplorables” who just want this country to return to some semblance of normal.


  2. I get the feeling that they will stop looting because an orange man somewhere will insist that law & order be applied – possibly while complaining that their right to loot has been infringed upon by fascists.


  3. “as soon as Biden wins the election, they will quit rallying ”

    My bet is that if Biden wins his handlers will go full Soviet and claim that peace and justice has now returned to the land and when looters loot they’ll simply deny that anything is happening and what kind of terrible racist are to suggest that minorities are looting stores, anyway?!??


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