No End

I went on Twitter and scrolled through Biden’s and then Harris’s accounts. There’s no condemnation of the terrible violence and rioting in Philadelphia. Nothing. Harris is tweeting about sneakers. Seriously, go check. Nothing about the violence done by their supporters in the name of their shared goals.

Tell me once again how this is Trump’s fault and Biden will put an end to this.

3 thoughts on “No End”

    1. Very interesting! In the USSR, abortion was very common. My mother had friends who had 20+ abortions. Abortion was a contraception method in the absence of any other kind. I support abortion rights but I’m in the “safe, legal and extremely rare” camp. What was happening in the USSR was horrid. It’s an abuse of the female body that is incredibly vile.


  1. Was interested in this quite short article:

    // Are You Who You Pretend To Be? The Social Media Masquerade.

    In The Coddling of the American Mind, social psychologists Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff discuss the rise of safetyism in American campus culture and argue that the social media bubble is destroying adolescent mental health.

    An undeveloped shadow leaves us malleable to influence. That’s when ideology creeps in. … Whether they are on the radical woke left or are extreme ethnonationalists, their political identities subsume them.

    Overidentifying with our personae has given rise to a collective hysteria. Our political discourse has become completely detached from reality.

    Anyone who doesn’t conform to the utopian ideal, or whose flaws are exposed online, is at the mercy of cancel culture. Preyed upon by overinflated personae, real people are being no-platformed, ostracised and kicked out of lifelong careers. Those at the forefront of vigilante campaigns of public-shaming really do believe they are who they pretend to be online: righteous people who can do no wrong. But this widespread repression and dismissal of our imperfections, whether it is expressed as a flawless life on Instagram or as full-fledged ideological possession, can’t be sustained long-term. Our shadows yearn to come out—and perhaps that’s what we’re seeing. I suspect Jung would diagnose the current political climate as symptomatic of enantiodromia, a concept he defines in Aspects of the Masculine as the gradual emergence of repressed individualism from beneath the social mask. Having spent years as empty conformists and ideologues, we’re now seeing explosions of mass violence, protests, misinformation campaigns and destructive nihilism. By masking our identities, we lost our civility.


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