The Bobulinski Interview

I didn’t think I would hear anything interesting in Tucker’s interview with Tony Bobulinski. Yes, Hunter is terrible, who cares?

But the interview isn’t about Hunter at all. He barely gets mentioned. It’s all about Joe Biden and his corruption.

It’s pretty stunning, actually. Do take a listen.

11 thoughts on “The Bobulinski Interview”

  1. That was entertaining. I’m sure everything strategically important that he said will be available in clips and transcripts tomorrow, but watching the guy all the way through was interesting. He’s all stiff and well-rehearsed whenever he’s doing his “I’m doing this because patriotism” spiel. I don’t think that’s why he’s there. When he talks about the Bidens trashing his reputation: he’s really mad about that. He makes the mad face. And he’s angry that they screwed him over on a business deal. I think he may even feel nauseous about that. But man, when that guy talks about money! Like a kid with a new set of Legos! I guess that makes sense for someone who does international business deals. Money is what makes his heart go pit-a-pat. It’s a little comical to watch.

    I think he’s telling the truth, and there seems to be a lot of documentation. But he’s not doing that for patriotic duty: he’s pissed that the Bidens made a fool of him in business, IMO. However he reached that decision, I’m glad he decided to go public.

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    1. He’s terrified Biden will become president. Because then he’ll end up in jail on some invented charges. He’s already been accused of treason by the leading contender in the presidential race.


        1. If I were writing a novel, I’d say that that man has already broken the law along with the Bidens and has been offered the opportunity to betray them prior to the election so as to avoid prosecution. The Bidens wont be prosecuted either (same as Hillary after 2016), but they’ll be upset at him for backing out of being the fall guy.


          1. Yeah, that’s my personal bias too: I don’t think anyone making multimilliondollar deals in foreign countries is playing it completely above-board. That’s just not a profession that honest people go into.


    2. Funny you say that. Within the first minutes I thought “Bidens screw him over money” and that’s apparently what happened, according to his reporting. I feel like anybody with integrity would run away from a business deal with China spearheaded by the sitting vice president. He is a smaller fish but as greedy as the Bidens.


  2. Is it possible that Joe Biden, having watched the Clintons become fabulously wealthy after his presidency and before hers, decided that he too would partake of the enormous pots of foreign money available to him? Joe isn’t as smart or as smooth as the Clintons, so of course the way he would exploit his position would be clumsier. I have no doubt that he sold out, and it’s disgusting. But I also wonder if he’s not looking at Hillary and Bill and thinking, “Son of a gun. They got away with it. I did the same thing and I get caught? No way.”

    Also, I think Bobulinski is terrified for his family. I think he saw a way to make some money, and is now in over his head with people who will hurt him or those he loves. He’s definitely a smart guy, maybe too smart for his own good.


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