A Wonderful Day

On a positive note, I had an amazing day today. A really hardcore wonderful, amazing day. Absolutely nothing of note happened yet I feel sensational.

I fully attribute this to the fact that something glitched in my phone this morning and the alarm didn’t ring. I have no idea why I keep turning on this alarm. I don’t have to be anywhere at a particular time.

God, I feel great.

7 thoughts on “A Wonderful Day”

  1. I had a good day, too. I’m actually feeling well enough to go back to work, which after almost two weeks of COVID and the resulting isolation will be nice.


      1. To be fair, I didn’t comment mostly because I was on my phone most of the time and it won’t keep me logged in. It hit me pretty hard, though — I was supposed to be back at work this past Monday but still wasn’t well enough. Apparently symptoms usually last about a week. I’m just special. :\

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          1. I don’t think they know for sure. For a while I thought I’d gotten it at a tabletop gaming group I go to every week, because three out of the five of us who had gone the past weekend were positive. But we showed symptoms almost a week later, all around the same time — we couldn’t have given it to each other, though it’s possible we could have been exposed around the same time. And there were still two of us who were at the game group that night who didn’t test positive at all, so that seems more of a coincidence than anything.

            One of the guys works with a lot of kids, and his symptoms were negligible, so it’s possible he got a very low viral exposure at work. The other two of us both work in the hospital, and it turns out that a bunch of nurses got together a bit before we both came down with it and that little get-together turned into fifty symptomatic positives, which caused quite a panic on all the floors, I guess. So it’s entirely possible we could have gotten it simply by our routine exposure to the nurses at the hospital, even with PPE. Or it could have been an asymptomatic carrier in the break room or something. I don’t think I’ll ever know.


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