They Eat Fear

Before I resume our discussion of the COVID Reset book, here’s a small illustration that spares you having to read it:

I showed up to a Zoom meeting yesterday, and people who were already there were counting how many times they’ve been out of their houses since March. Six, ten, four, two times. This is in a tiny town with non-existent mortality. Somebody did this to them. Somebody terrorized them into cowering at home in terror for months. That somebody is getting gigantic profits from their fear.

It won’t stop until we make it stop. We need to conquer our fear and go live our lives. And by we I don’t mean me. After the first two weeks, I’ve been living my usual life. I’m actually out of the house more than I was pre-COVID.

25 thoughts on “They Eat Fear”

      1. The fact that people have combed census records and done their best to put together a genealogy for her to see if she’s really telling the truth is just plain creepy. The time that goes into census records alone makes me think whoever did that is dangerously obsessed.

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        1. Exactly! They are a lot more disturbed than she is. What can it possibly matter today where her grandma was born? I teach students about the obsession with the “purity of blood” and where your ancestors were born in the Spanish Empire of the 16th-17th centuries. They all agree it’s horrid.

          But we are now doing this, too. By God, it really shouldn’t matter to anybody where a person’s grandma was born. That’s deranged.


        2. Why? She was lying to her department, colleagues, and students. So her fake “abuela” gets a pass? She lied about having an abuela in the first place, but it gets better. This abuela practiced brand loyalty to a domincan product that wasn’t even on west coast shelves until recently. She is so detached from the latino community that she wouldn’t have ever made that connection. Lie 2: her “abuela” immigrated from Mexico during ww2 so that she could be a teacher later in life? Lie 3: The chicano hashtag from her twitter bio went from being number one, to last, to off, to restricted profile, to it doesn’t exist anymore. She should be leading discussions, teaching about african american studies, and definitely should be trusted at this point. I mean, why not?


          1. None of this in any way impacts her teaching or scholarship. It’s ridiculous, inane stuff.

            If you expect to be taught by people who don’t lie about silly, childish things… Or get medical services or plumbing services or anything else from such individuals, you need to emigrate to another planet. Because people tell these little white lies all day and every day.

            How old are you that this shocks you?


      2. I guess weirdness should be no surprise coming from someone who writes under the name “producingwhiteness”. It’s creepy, stalker-ish behavior, for sure. But it’s progressive academics themselves who have created an environment where someone like “producingwhiteness” can thrive.


        1. Absolutely. We have created a crazy situation where there’s a premium on useful grandmas, so people invent them. It’s deeply pathetic.

          Still, though. I think we are going in a direction where Hispanic or black will mean what “woman” already means. It will be an attribute of whoever really wants to be one. And has the authority to bully everybody into accepting.


          1. “where Hispanic or black will … be an attribute of whoever really wants to be one”

            I remember a breathless article or two from the distant 1990s where this was a trend among California youth – deciding on their ethno-racial identity themselves rather than meekly accept what they were born into. A few years later and it’s suddenly the crime of the century….

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            1. If it’s ok to decide you are a woman, what’s the harm in deciding your grandma liked Goya instead of some Italian brand? Seriously? It’s just a brand. If people invest you with moral authority because of the brand of beans your grandma liked, so much thr worse for them.


      3. I think you are assuming that only one person went into this investigation. It says it was a collaborative effort and I’ll be excited to see what her ex departments have to say about it. If I were lying about my ancestry for personal gain, and somebody showed me this, I would want to crawl into a hole for nobody to see me again.


        1. A collaborative effort of a bunch of completely crazy people.

          If it were my department and she were my subordinate, I’d have no reaction. I don’t care about people’s physiology. It’s none of my business.


          1. As a latino member, I find your comments to be ignorant. She was a diversity hire for her department. Do you know what that means? Those tenure track positions are specifically designed for POC, not rich white elites that are having a tough time in the job market. Thousands of white scholars not doing this, so why does she get the I would just look the other way with you? It’s ok, don’t react, we don’t need white complacency.


            1. As a latino member, I find your comments to be ignorant. She was a diversity hire for her department. Do you know what that means? Those tenure track positions are specifically designed for POC, not rich white elites that are having a tough time in the job market. Thousands of white scholars are not weaponizing their fake abuelas to get a Mellon Fellowship (white people can get it too), diversity hires, and tenure track positions. It’s ok, don’t react, we don’t need white complacency in these movements.


            2. James, I can assure you that nobody has ever hired anybody because of a purported grandma. I’m telling you this as somebody who’s been on hiring committees for two decades.

              As for hiring people because of their physiology, the idea is repugnant and indefensible. You are criticizing somebody for purportedly taking advantage of a crazy situation created by somebody else.

              Let’s stop making physiology part of hiring practices altogether and this whole issue will go away.


    1. A) Because I’m against gambling.
      B) Because having companies that answer to shareholders rather than customers is clearly bad for everyone.
      C) When there have been lockdowns for months, millions are out of work, businesses are dying all over the place, and every part of the economy that matters is in the crapper, and the stock market is soaring… that’s some evil voodoo black magic going on there. Nothing good will come of it.

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        1. “it’s glorified gambling to me.”

          Nah, in the long the stock market ALWAYS comes back higher than it crashed. All you have to do is leave your invested income in place and wait it out for a few months or years.


  1. Respectfully, I don’t think that they eat fear so much as simply use it to distract and undermine regular people so that they don’t understand that hundreds of billions of dollars have just been stolen from them by elected officials and gifted to those in the finance sector.

    Also that moneh seems more like loot than profit imo.


  2. The latest Russian poems:

    Васе сломали очки и ребро.
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  3. My previous comment went to moderation even though I included only one link.

    Another favorite from comments is

    Дети в подвале играли в ковид –
    Люди с планеты исчезли как вид.

    And from the post:

    Выбили зубы, сломали ключицу…
    Зря не хотел от ковида лечиться.


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