In the Corner

“Today, I’m announcing the American Dream Plan. Over the next four years, the American Dream plan will bring more than 2 million jobs to Hispanic communities.” -@realDonaldTrump

I wish somebody told Kushner that people who want identity-based pandering already have a whole party existing exclusively for that goal. You can’t beat them at identity games. They have had decades of practice and will cream you every time.

In the meantime, those of us who hate identity-mongering are languishing over here in the corner. Will somebody finally try to appeal to us?

Glenn Greenwald Resigns

Glenn Greenwald, a brilliant journalist, has resigned today from the news outlet he himself had founded because of censorship.

Here is his letter of resignation.

Greenwald is being censored by Biden supporters to advance the Biden candidacy. Is anybody still surprised that this isn’t the side I want to be on?

Not My Problem

To people who are trying to accuse me of being a rigid partisan fanatic, I highly recommend rereading the archives of this blog from 2016.

Short version: I was a passionate Hillary supporter, wore a Hillary badge the size of a dinner plate, and thought Trump was likely to start World War 3.

And then two days ago, I voted for Trump.

So it’s quite ludicrous to accuse me of being incapable of changing my mind. My illustrious record of changing my mind when new information comes in is quite unique.

This is why I now ask people to abstain from projecting their partisan rigidity on me. Instead, if somebody could locate that photo of me with the Hillary badge in the depths of this blog, I’ll be very thankful.

Smart Move

There are very smart people among Democrats. Complete idiots have taken over the leadership but there are still many very smart folks. In the past couple of weeks, they started spreading around on social media a graph showing that Trump deported a small fraction of illegal immigrants than Obama had. It’s absolutely true and absolutely devastating to the Trump campaign. Trump immediately lost his lead in Texas.

Midterm Slump

Usually, at this time in the semester, students start losing steam. It’s hard to keep them interested or even awake. In education, we call it “the midterm slump,” and it’s soul-crushing because no matter how great your material is, discussions are sluggish and there’s constant yawning going on in class.

This semester is different, however. The interest has never been higher. Participation is so active that I don’t even have to prepare discussion questions. All I have to say is, “please discuss,” and they go right at it. I’m beseiged by students after class, asking how they can improve and what else they can read and sharing their insights into the material. It’s like I’m suddenly in a world I always wanted to inhabit.

Mine is the only face-to-face class they are taking. People teaching online are saying that the midterm slump is a lot worse this year. I haven’t come across a student yet who doesn’t passionately hate online learning.

It’s time to recognize that this isn’t working and head back to the classroom.