Not My Problem

To people who are trying to accuse me of being a rigid partisan fanatic, I highly recommend rereading the archives of this blog from 2016.

Short version: I was a passionate Hillary supporter, wore a Hillary badge the size of a dinner plate, and thought Trump was likely to start World War 3.

And then two days ago, I voted for Trump.

So it’s quite ludicrous to accuse me of being incapable of changing my mind. My illustrious record of changing my mind when new information comes in is quite unique.

This is why I now ask people to abstain from projecting their partisan rigidity on me. Instead, if somebody could locate that photo of me with the Hillary badge in the depths of this blog, I’ll be very thankful.

11 thoughts on “Not My Problem”

  1. ” if somebody could locate that photo of me with the Hillary badge in the depths of this blog”

    I looked a little in October-November 2016 and didn’t see that picture, but…. yikes. A whole lot of cringe (from your current positions).


      1. Thank you! Oh, I wish the photo was still there! It was truly a gigantic badge. You don’t put this on unless you are a sincere and enthusiastic believer.

        I’m congenitally incapable of inventing things. My political trajectory has been recorded on this blog in exhaustive detail. Even just a year ago I was sincerely going to vote Democrat.

        You can dislike my transformation. I’m not a huge fan of it myself. It’s been scary and lonely. But nobody can deny that it’s real and very sincere.


        1. Clarissa, I’ve been following your blog since the early 2010s, so it has been quite something to see the transformation. I say this as someone who intensely disliked Hilary Clinton and thought of you as very left learning.

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  2. “my transformation”

    But how much have you transformed? Most / all of your ideals seem roughly the same you just find that to pursue them means not voting for a terrible, awful, candidate (did I mention terrible?) for president (with a running mate who’s equally awful in different ways) so you voted for a not very good candidate from a different party.
    Who knows maybe the democrats will realize how insane they’ve been acted and find a way to win your support again…


    1. I think a lot of the progressive ideas from the Democratic party have pushed many people away. Things like rabid anti-gun ownership, censorship, illegal immigration, gender theory, etc. are not very palatable to huge segments of the population. I myself was happy when Trump won in 2016 because that was a victory against all that nonsense.


        1. I think it’s very important to understand where “all this craziness” came from, because understanding the roots of the craziness can helps us find better ways to fight it.

          To me this is a very deep problem that does not have an easy solution. At the heart of the issue I think lies post-modernist thought, or more specifically the idea that truth is relative and everything is relative; meaning there is no objective reality and we can each make our own reality. I think that has opened the floodgates to a huge amount of nonsense since everybody’s views and opinions are now accepted truth within their own reality. I think this has led to the collapse of established anchoring institutions (the church, binary gender, traditional family values, etc.) leaving a huge vacuum that is now being filled by dogmatic ideologies coming from academia. We now see those every day, but the most obvious to me is the “cult of diversity.” It has become a quasi religion at this point. So, how do we fight back? Can we really go back to a more unified objective reality?

          Anyway, that’s just my ramblings, but I do hope to start a discussion on the underlying issues behind the craziness.


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