Smart Move

There are very smart people among Democrats. Complete idiots have taken over the leadership but there are still many very smart folks. In the past couple of weeks, they started spreading around on social media a graph showing that Trump deported a small fraction of illegal immigrants than Obama had. It’s absolutely true and absolutely devastating to the Trump campaign. Trump immediately lost his lead in Texas.

4 thoughts on “Smart Move”

  1. OT: I’m not gonna put a link (and the worst parts are blurred) but it looks like methylethyl was right about the pictures on Hunter’s laptop it wasn’t just a naked famous person that freaked the computer guy out…. there are pictures of him naked in front of a female minor (apparently not the only pictures involving underage girls and some of them might involve the son of another high ranking democrat).


      1. Early in the release they were talking about very young girls (10-12) who were being assaulted by Hunter on video, which included descriptions of the screaming and/or crying sounds being made. People might want to be very careful clicking on any link in the comment section of the “G” websites, because logically, that material might pop up.


        1. “People might want to be very careful clicking on any link ”

          Yes, I have no intention on going there (I’ve decided I don’t need to know the details, the general outlines are completely horrifying enough) but… the text messages make it clear that the senior Bidens knew what was going on and were doing as little as possible about it (to the immense frustration and anger of Hunter himself)….

          Noxious poison the democratic establishment has decided to unleash on the unsuspecting American public (with the help of the digital giants = aka enemies of humanity).


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