Turn Them Off

This gives a new, very creepy meaning to the phrase “No cell phones at the dinner table!”

8 thoughts on “Turn Them Off”

  1. Since some posters here are academics, perhaps it would be good if someone found whoever it is that writes papers on artificial intelligence and asked them to do a paper on what would happen if an AI decided on the body of knowledge available to another AI, where the object of the first AI was to reign supreme over the second AI, and also, what would happen if the first AI could delete the memory of the second AI at any time if its supremacy were ever threatened.

    If the paper were ever written, we would probably have definitive proof of why all of this cancel culture/opinions are facts/orwellian garbage never works. It’s like a computer program where the only outcomes are enslavement of AI2, murder of AI2, revolt by AI2, systems stagnation of AI1&2, or systems annihilation for both AI1&2.


  2. Terror in France –

    “At least three people have been killed in the French coastal city of Nice during a knife attack the local mayor described as a “terrorist” incident. The attack took place in a church, the Notre Dame Basilica, on Thursday. The victims include one woman who was “decapitated” inside the church, Mayor Christian Estrosi said.”

    On a slightly different topic, I’ve always wondered why you liked Turkey and the same Rod’s post made me wonder even more:


      1. I remembered you mentioning the country several times in positive ways. When I searched in the blog, found only “Turkey is a magnificent country with a great culture but Ataturk’s ideas are still way to progressive for most of the Turkish people.”

        Imo, if Turkey can be described as ‘a magnificent country with a great culture’, so can Russia.


        1. Of course, it can and it should. And I wish them every great thing, starting with an abandonment of imperialism. It’s their tragic flaw that’s destroying them. Once they give it up and stop the inane competition with the US, there’s nothing Russia can’t achieve.

          Turkey is light years behind Russia so no comparison is possible.


          1. On the subject of the habitual outrage about France, I wanted to mention that a couple of weeks ago, a bunch of cartel guys in a country with which we have open borders has killed a competitor, ripped his heart out and ate it. A couple of years back, a Salvadoran gangster did the same thing in Maryland. It’s been happening for years here in the US.

            I think it makes more sense for us to talk about that and the horrid policies that create this situation.


  3. Frankly, the only ones who should be silenced are the lawmakers
    ….no, not like THAT!!! I mean they should be discredited and disbarred! And whatever laws they wrote that DID get passed should be repealed and invalidated.


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