Go Away, Lincoln

The student government of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, unanimously voted to remove statue of Abraham Lincoln because it’s a “remnant of White Supremacy.”

Of course, it must be very pleasing to be a total mediocrity yet to have a way to feel superior to Lincoln, so I get it.

Assimilated Immigrants

I’m listening to a sabbatical presentation, and the scholar giving it just announced that if you believe in the need for immigrants to assimilate, you must be in favor of racial segregation and Jim Crow.

The inspiration for this scholar is, of course, Ibram Kendi.

I’m an immigrant who is extremely pro-assimilation and I’m now feeling insulted. It’s really cute how these supposedly pro-immigrant leftists always end up insulting immigrants.

What I Like About Zoom

One thing I do like about Zoom is that I can stare at myself for long stretches of time. Always puts me in a brilliant mood.

This is why I really hate the screen-share function of Zoom and webinars. I can’t admire my appearance, so what’s the point?

What do you look at when you are on Zoom? The speaker? The listeners? The camera? Yourself?

The Great Reset Discussion, Part 7

What’s really interesting in this book is how often Schwab is wrong on the economics part of his discussion. We all saw the numbers yesterday, showing that the US economy will only contract by 4% at most in 2020. In Europe it’s 10%+ but they don’t have a genius like our Steve Mnuchin at the helm.

Well, back in late June, Schwab was confidently predicting a contraction of 30% lasting for years. He was predicting a period of economic stagnation lasting years or even decades. He was comparing this economy to what happened in 1929 and 2008 somehow missing the crucial difference between an artificial and forced lockdown and a spontaneous development.

There is an obvious explanation for such a gigantic mistake. This book isn’t an analysis. It’s a wish list. Schwab wants a huge economic collapse. It suits his goals.