Assimilated Immigrants

I’m listening to a sabbatical presentation, and the scholar giving it just announced that if you believe in the need for immigrants to assimilate, you must be in favor of racial segregation and Jim Crow.

The inspiration for this scholar is, of course, Ibram Kendi.

I’m an immigrant who is extremely pro-assimilation and I’m now feeling insulted. It’s really cute how these supposedly pro-immigrant leftists always end up insulting immigrants.

6 thoughts on “Assimilated Immigrants”

  1. The irony here, I think, is that when (progressive) educators send students to a foreign country for a study abroad program, they want the students to try to adapt somewhat, or “assimilate,” to the culture of the other country during their stay.


    1. ” (progressive) educators send students to a foreign country ….want the students to try to …“assimilate,””

      No they don’t. They want them to exercise noblesse oblige toward the silly locals and their silly customs (exactly the same attitude they have towards immigrants).


  2. “supposedly pro-immigrant leftists”

    Just got out of a discussion elsewhere with someone claiming that the failure/refusal of North African immigrants to assimilate in France is in no way related to their ghettoization and general awful educational and social results… which is apparently entirely the fault of non North African French citizens.
    People like that or the ‘scholar’ you listened to just assume that non-westerners have no such thing as moral agency or free will.

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  3. I am really really really American, first immigrant relatives 1635 and latest 1865, and all I can think is assimilation or not, you do whatever, depending on what your language is and what the language is in the part of the US where you land. Some never stopped speaking German, never had enough English speakers around them to learn it. Whatever. Others arrived multilingual already and learned more languages once here. Their message would be, whatever, get your card and vote.


  4. The purpose of Jim Crow was precisely to stop assimilation. If you let blacks go to school with white children and drink from the same water fountains, they will end up marrying each other. The only real question for debate is whether you think this is a good or bad thing.


  5. Has this guy never heard the phrase “When in Rome do as the Romans do”?
    Why do so many people figure their notions and perceptions are “the right ones” and thus are fitting for any and every person, occasion, and circumstance? When they haven’t the slightest idea of the needs and desires others may have, or of whatever standards someone else may have, or of what would work out best for another?


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