Go Away, Lincoln

The student government of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, unanimously voted to remove statue of Abraham Lincoln because it’s a “remnant of White Supremacy.”

Of course, it must be very pleasing to be a total mediocrity yet to have a way to feel superior to Lincoln, so I get it.

8 thoughts on “Go Away, Lincoln”

  1. Silly leftists always think they can control this type of thing…. and they never can. It consumes them each and every time and every person that applauds this will also be eliminated in the same way (without understanding why…)


    1. And they never learn… Every single time they think they are so special and it’s never going to happen to them. It’s almost like a brain defect that prevents them from seeing where things are headed.

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  2. “a total mediocrity”

    You’re being way too kind.

    “He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot but don’t let that fool you. He really is an idiot.” (Groucho Marx)

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  3. A few years ago, I stumbled across a kind of diary written by a man using the pseudonym Selco, who had survived war in the former Yugoslavia. It was really interesting reading imo.

    Anyway, in that diary, I remember him specifically mentioning the early days of the war before fighting had broken out, whereby he mentioned that he had gone to some demonstration about whether a statue of some historical figure or general or something should be pulled down or not, and admonished himself/warned the reader that whenever an “us vs them” situation arose regarding history/identity, that the time was better spent getting an AK47 than going to a demonstration.

    Anyway I’m not suggesting that anyone in the USA suddenly drop everything for the sake of getting a gun, but still, it’s interesting to see the parallel, and to wonder how far the Balkan experience will be mirrored in the US.

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  4. Self-hating Jews are on force. When Morton Schapiro, the president of Northwestern University, who has been described as “woke”, “refused to dismantle the university police department” :

    // During that same weekend, in the early hours of the morning, NUCNC came to the president’s house to protest and shout obscenities, including a cry of “piggy Morty.” Schapiro, who makes no secret of being an observant Jew, and whose Jewishness is a target for some, recognized that the comparison of Jews to pigs is an anti-Semitic slur that was used by genocidal Nazis as well as by some in today’s Middle East. Schapiro responded with a letter to the university community

    The president asked students to consider the pain of others: what would their parents or siblings feel if awakened with obscenities and personal attacks? To be sure, Schapiro allowed, students may not have known that “pigs” was a slur against Jews as well as police, but it was nevertheless hurtful and “unacceptable.” //


    ” Schapiro was publicly denounced by 90 Jewish faculty, students, alumni and others for, get this, anti-blackness. Here was the Jewish president of the university, suffering blatant anti-Semitism by a black mob and its allies — and 90 Jews found fault with him. Here’s a link to the letter they wrote to the campus newspaper, in which they proclaimed that “White Jews are still largely protected by our Whiteness.””



    1. I meant, self-hating Jews are “out in force”, not “on force.”

      If Muslim anti-semitism arrives to US like it has arrived to Europe, will those Jews still talk of their Whiteness while being made afraid to walk on a street in a yarmulke (kippah in Hebrew)? USA itself has experienced both Right wing and Left wing antisemitic violence.

      Are they afraid deep down and try to protect themselves by attacking insufficiently subservient (to not Jews) ‘bad Jew’ Schapiro? ‘See we are good Jews, we know our place, don’t attack us’ ?


      1. I think they actually believe all this crap. Half of the BLM leadership is Jewish. Most of the people financing it are Jewish. The most rabid BLM fanatics on my campus are Jewish.

        It breaks my heart to notice this, believe me. I’m at the stage where I’m avoiding colleagues with Jewish last names because they scare me. It’s beyond sad.


  5. Now I read this letter:

    LTE: Jewish students, faculty, and alumni respond to Morton Schapiro

    And it’s something.

    From affirming antisemitic stereotypes:

    “There is a long, sordid history of White Jewish leaders using antisemitism as a cudgel to denigrate Black radical protest and sow divisions among communities otherwise allied in the fight against White supremacy. ”

    To being unclear (to me) and self-contradictory:

    “We know that the very White nationalists who have infiltrated police departments across the country despise all Jews, just as they disproportionately target Black and brown communities, harming Jews of color and non-Jewish people of color alike.”

    If extremists hate ‘all Jews’, why do they target ‘Jews of color’ only? How are white Jews ‘protected by our Whiteness’ from the very White nationalists who don’t see any Jews as ‘white’?

    Also, who are Jews of color? Ethiopian Jews have immigrated to Israel after my state brought them here on special transport operations; they aren’t in America. Are Jews from the Middle East like Iranian Jews called ‘Jews of color’ in this letter?

    This is the funniest statement ever:

    “A world free of police and incarceration is a world that keeps us as Jews safer from the forces of antisemitism. ”

    Immediately reminded me of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and of European synagogues built like bunkers to protect from attacks.

    And, of course, no self-respecting Leftist Jewish letter-writer can compose a letter with a word ‘Jew’ in it without standing against the only Jewish state in the world and the only democratic state in our region:

    “we reiterate that criticism of Israel, condemnation of the brutal Israeli occupation, as well as rejection of Zionism (which also has ample historical precedent among anti-Zionist Jews) are not antisemitic.”

    Agree with those comments on Rod’s blog:

    “Notice that the 90 irate respondents to Schapiro completely changed the subject away from anything having to do with black people, cops, Schapiro himself, or Schapiro’s “piggy” complaints. In the midst of their emotional avalanche, they suddenly went on a tirade about Palestine. I realize I am just falling into their trap, but randomly screaming about Palestine at a random Jew in the midst of a wholly unrelated conversation is itself antisemitic.”


    “Yes, as is spraypainting “Free Palestine” on a synagogue in Kenosha.”


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