The Great Reset Discussion, Part 7

What’s really interesting in this book is how often Schwab is wrong on the economics part of his discussion. We all saw the numbers yesterday, showing that the US economy will only contract by 4% at most in 2020. In Europe it’s 10%+ but they don’t have a genius like our Steve Mnuchin at the helm.

Well, back in late June, Schwab was confidently predicting a contraction of 30% lasting for years. He was predicting a period of economic stagnation lasting years or even decades. He was comparing this economy to what happened in 1929 and 2008 somehow missing the crucial difference between an artificial and forced lockdown and a spontaneous development.

There is an obvious explanation for such a gigantic mistake. This book isn’t an analysis. It’s a wish list. Schwab wants a huge economic collapse. It suits his goals.

5 thoughts on “The Great Reset Discussion, Part 7”

  1. “Schwab wants a huge economic collapse. It suits his goals.”

    This put a thought into my head which made me think of a song and….. here are the results, the anthem for Schwab and all like him (also for Greta and Ibram and the tech giants et al).


    Goodbye to your life
    There’s no turning back
    Even while you sleep
    We will find you
    Now be on your best behaviour
    Turn your back on mother nature
    All of us just want to end your world

    It’s all our design
    It’s your own remorse
    We’ll help you decide
    To help us make the most
    Of freedom and of pleasure
    Our grand reign will last forever
    All of us just want to end your world

    There’s a pod where the light won’t find you
    Eating bugs while the walls come tumbling down
    When they do we’ll be fine without you

    So glad of how we’ll make out
    Not so sad you’ll have to fade out
    All of us just want to end your world

    We can’t stand your bad decisions
    Slowing down all our grand visions
    All of us just want to end your world

    Say that you’ll never, never, never, never read it
    Ten headlines, why believe it?
    All of us just want to end your world

    We’ll have the power and the pleasure
    You’ll have alms and screens forever
    All of us just want to end your world

    Sung to the tune of…..

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  2. Watching who is currently making the predictions of doom and gloom is also extremely interesting. Our university administration keeps doing it; we are all getting a pay-cut and there’s a hiring freeze; this is all justified by the administration that keeps sending us articles from the NYT which says that many humanities departments are being cut.

    On the other hand, 80% of other departments in the same research area as us all over the country are hiring; this includes public schools and this number is based on concrete data. Some of my colleagues including myself were recently approached by other schools who are taking this opportunity to beef up their faculty list.

    Something sinister is clearly going on here.


  3. Considering how monumentally flawed the metrics used for GDP have proven to be over the last 15 years, I take any numbers complied by the government – positive or negative – with a healthy grain of salt.


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