What I Like About Zoom

One thing I do like about Zoom is that I can stare at myself for long stretches of time. Always puts me in a brilliant mood.

This is why I really hate the screen-share function of Zoom and webinars. I can’t admire my appearance, so what’s the point?

What do you look at when you are on Zoom? The speaker? The listeners? The camera? Yourself?

5 thoughts on “What I Like About Zoom”

  1. I just got off Zoom meeting and your post made me realize I looked at myself more than I probably should have. I tend to read something on my screen in a small window so that my eyes don’t wonder too much.

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  2. When I teach, I look at the word file I’m writing in or on the textbook opened on a special site online (both shared with students). They function as a blackboard since in my subject I cannot explain anything without the screen-share function of Zoom you dislike. ๐Ÿ™‚ Another thing to look at is the list of Participants (names, not videos) so I can choose whom to ask the next question to unsure all or, at least, most students are with me.

    During Zoom meetings conducted by others, I glance at whatever the person shares or at their face, while I often try to concentrate on my own problems I’m solving in my notebooks to prepare for lessons. Unlike you, I find it very hard to concentrate with background noise, so sometimes I give up and try to entertain myself till this zoom mercifully comes to an end.

    So far, all zooms teaching me how to teach on zoom have been a complete waste of time.

    As for my camera, my old computer (not a laptop) doesn’t have it in the first place. ๐Ÿ™‚
    My laptop does have it but a piece of dark tape took care of that. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Regarding zoom teaching, you probably don’t need it that much, but for me Wacom One 13 Pen Display has been extremely helpful. I see what I write on the wacom itself, not on my computer screen, and use it as a notebook shared with students. One can cut/paste exercises from textbooks in a word file (opened on wacom which is defined as the second screen on my computer), leave empty space and then solve them there. Word also lets one to add gridlines, so one can write exactly as in a notebook on squared paper. It’s super easy.

    Hope you understand this somewhat unclear description. Always glad to help with any questions, though people here most likely know much more than me on technology. I have bought wacom less than 2 weeks ago and use only a few functions, but for me it has been crucial and greatly improved my teaching.

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  3. On Microsoft teams, my go to technique is to have some kind of material posted (so that the video of myself is reduced and shows up at the bottom).
    Very fortunately I bought a new computer for home use with a large screen (about 24 inches I think) I think using a laptop for this stuff would drive me batty very, very quickly…
    Due to connection and software issues students keep their cameras off (I first had the idea of having them turn them on when they speak but that’s too time consuming and I’ve given up on it).

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