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My Halloween

This is what I did for Halloween:

We went trick-or-treating with a group. I even had a costume.

It’s as great as always. Tons of people out, everybody having fun. Maybe a couple of masks but pretty much everyone is normal and unmasked.

Then we all came over to our place for dinner and some wine. Kids are going nuts upstairs, stripping the wardrobe bare to play dress up.

Everybody in the neighborhood seems to have a party going on. Fire pits, barbecues, we are alive again!

Life is great when it’s normal.


Finally our local restaurant owners have had it enough and decided not to comply with lockdown order number four.

I prepared for a wintry lunch on a restaurant veranda but a notice on the door said that the restaurant has retained counsel and requests governmental agencies to address themselves to the lawyers if they have any issues.

Link of the Day

The link of the day isn’t an article but an editor’s note to an article. Here it is.

Of course, I wish somebody attached this kind of note to the COVID articles that keep getting published and that are based on complete fabrications but the note is still funny as hell.

With all the journalists out of work, The Atlantic gives the job to a known liar and plagiarist and even helps her conceal her name. Then it turns out that her article is based on lies.

These people.


Biden said he will sign the “Equality Act” as soon as he’s elected. That one thing by itself makes voting for him a bad, nasty thing to do.

I don’t understand why these creeps can’t be content with destroying everything but at least abstaining from viciously harming children. Why is a very old and infirm Biden so fanatically dedicated to the cause of letting a tiny percentage of mentally ill moms to mutilate their children? Why does he need to put so much effort into transing very small kids? That’s truly evil. It’s not an issue that attracts wide electoral support. Why do it?


I thought I couldn’t hate any part of the COVID-speak more than “the cases,” but there’s a new word that bugs me even more.

It’s “the numbers.”

“Yes, but look at the numbers. Nuuuuuumbers…” sheeple bleat, their eyes glazed over with pleasure. “Numbers being what they are… It’s just that numbers are so bad…”

It takes everything I’ve got not to blare, “Numbers of what, you numbskull? Numbers of what? What are we counting, you facile piece of utter uselessness?”

I’ve got half a mind to set filters on my emails so that everything containing “cases, numbers, and trying times” goes directly into the Trash folder.

The Shut-ins

We spent hours outside today. Tomorrow we are going out trick-or-treating with a bunch of other families. Save for masks, our lives are back to normal. Restaurants, museums, nature walks, picnics, gyms, work, shopping, cafes, outings with friends.

In the meantime, there are people – I know some – who have been out of their houses fewer than 10 times since March. They sit at home, and they never see other people except on a screen. Their sensory deprivation is intense. They are energetically depleted. They no longer have their own impressions of the world to check against what the screens tell them about the world.

You take people like these, people who are already damaged, and subject them to a few hours of abusive programming by CNN and that’s it, there’s no bringing them out of such an entrenched neurosis.

And that programming truly is abusive. They are exploiting people who are already not OK. Of course, the more you scare them, the longer they stay inside, the more they watch, the higher your profits. It’s very sad.