Biden said he will sign the “Equality Act” as soon as he’s elected. That one thing by itself makes voting for him a bad, nasty thing to do.

I don’t understand why these creeps can’t be content with destroying everything but at least abstaining from viciously harming children. Why is a very old and infirm Biden so fanatically dedicated to the cause of letting a tiny percentage of mentally ill moms to mutilate their children? Why does he need to put so much effort into transing very small kids? That’s truly evil. It’s not an issue that attracts wide electoral support. Why do it?

6 thoughts on “Incomprehensible”

  1. This is a guy with a long history of publicly groping children, a daughter who’s been in and out of psych treatment her entire adult life (or so rumor has it), and a son who is a crack addict.

    How much do you think he cares about children?

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  2. It’s a simple calculation used for lots of single issue voters – take the number of people who will vote for you if you sign something into law, then subtract the number of people who will change their mind about voting for you to vote for the other guy.

    If the calculation yields a positive number, then you do it and that’s it.


    1. But the Democrats are clearly doing the opposite. The number of people who support cutting of 13-year-old girls’ breasts or drugging 8-year-old boys to make them infertile for life is minuscule. The number of people who think guys on dresses are really women is vanishingly small. This isn’t any sort of a calculation. It’s blind fanaticism.


      1. One suspects the number of people who simply want to see certain others forced to submit to irrational dictates is considerably larger than the number who believe men in dresses are women etc.

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      2. In my experience, in politics, anything that has to do with one of the LGBTIQ letters is connected to all of the other letters as well. ie the purely G and B people are on the same boards, committees etc as the T people, so the T people are favoured just as much as the G and B people often because of, believe it or not, a few powerful personalities within the whole group. It’s really bizarre.

        Or you could be right and they’ve lost their minds. We are in different countries, so it could be that LGBTIQ etc issues are handled differently there.


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