The Shut-ins

We spent hours outside today. Tomorrow we are going out trick-or-treating with a bunch of other families. Save for masks, our lives are back to normal. Restaurants, museums, nature walks, picnics, gyms, work, shopping, cafes, outings with friends.

In the meantime, there are people – I know some – who have been out of their houses fewer than 10 times since March. They sit at home, and they never see other people except on a screen. Their sensory deprivation is intense. They are energetically depleted. They no longer have their own impressions of the world to check against what the screens tell them about the world.

You take people like these, people who are already damaged, and subject them to a few hours of abusive programming by CNN and that’s it, there’s no bringing them out of such an entrenched neurosis.

And that programming truly is abusive. They are exploiting people who are already not OK. Of course, the more you scare them, the longer they stay inside, the more they watch, the higher your profits. It’s very sad.

3 thoughts on “The Shut-ins”

  1. The crazier things to me is some of these people are young with no per-existing conditions, so their chances of getting the virus and then getting sick by it are close to zero.

    This ties into some ideas I’ve been having about over protective parents, and how the “craziness started.” They have raised very emotionally vulnerable and weak individuals.

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  2. I saw a thing today that made me happy: I think this guy is a reasonable snapshot of quite a lot of working-class America right now:

    It’s a good antidote to the picture you usually get on the internet. I think it’s easy to get depressed by what you see on the internet, or in university-town bubbles. But IMO, this guy is what’s going on here, on the ground, outside of the internet. Left activist types are like 8% of the population. But they’re more than 60% of posts on Twitter. They are hugely overrepresented on the internet, and they warp the picture. They’re angry, depressed, whiny, entitled and hateful.

    And they’re a minority.


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