November 1st

November is my favorite month in the year, by the way. It’s the time when it starts getting colder and I know that I’m at the moment in the year when the largest number of coldish days is ahead of me. It’s the beginning of the holiday season. The nature is extremely beautiful and it’s finally not too hot to enjoy it.

What can be better than November?

National Mask Mandate

What does a “national mask mandate” even mean? FBI will be prowling around the country, catching unmasked people? National Guard will be deployed? What?

For the inattentive: today, Biden once again promised “a national mask mandate” after promising then unpromising then saying it was only to be enforced on federal property then promising and then unpromising it again. Please keep up with your very sane and serious candidate who knows how to solve COVID.


Kamala Harris declares that “equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place.”

This is scary because this belief has historically justified extreme horrors and never brought the desired results. People will not end up “at the same place.” People are not robots. Trying to engineer identical results inevitably leads to great violence.

Of course, Kamala Harris doesn’t believe these slogans and despises the idiots who do. I despise them as well but I differ from Harris in that I’m not extremely rich and I have reason to be very scared of the fans of “equitable treatment.”

Beware of anybody who uses the term “equitable” seriously. It’s either a facile fool or a rich cynic using such fools to get richer.

Useless Shooting

We had a shooting on campus yesterday, by the way. The female victim survived but I don’t think the shooter has been apprehended. Not that we will be informed either way. We only ever get informed if there’s something for the Bias Team to investigate. A man shoots a woman, there’s obviously no bias and no useful political angle, so who cares.