Kamala Harris declares that “equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place.”

This is scary because this belief has historically justified extreme horrors and never brought the desired results. People will not end up “at the same place.” People are not robots. Trying to engineer identical results inevitably leads to great violence.

Of course, Kamala Harris doesn’t believe these slogans and despises the idiots who do. I despise them as well but I differ from Harris in that I’m not extremely rich and I have reason to be very scared of the fans of “equitable treatment.”

Beware of anybody who uses the term “equitable” seriously. It’s either a facile fool or a rich cynic using such fools to get richer.

9 thoughts on “Equitable”

  1. “Of course, Kamala Harris doesn’t believe these slogans and despises the idiots who do. ”

    By definition, ‘useful idiots’ are useful.

    One of the most telling passage in all of Lenin’s writing is from What is to be Done? (1902) where he dumps on the working class as being totally incapable of generating a socialist revolution without the educational prompts of “intellectuals” like himself who, he claims, are positioned, because of their grasp of “philosophic, historical, and economic theories,” to reveal to the hapless, inept working class their true historical mission.

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    1. “he dumps on the working class ”

      He has a lot in common with Klaus Schwab… those who set out to reshape society are always disappointed when people don’t enthusiastically go along with their grand plans which turns quickly into boiling hatred and rage against the unthinking masses that don’t recognize their superiority….

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      1. I saw something similar happen in real life in around 2016-2017, when some local politicians thought that they could go on Facebook and behave as they do in their normal lives. You know – back before they realised that social media doesn’t play games.

        Needless to say, it was super, super funny 🙂


  2. I am not currently being paid for the full-time labor of childcare, cooking, housekeeping, car repair, bookkeeping, etc. that I perform. I would be happy to go halvsies with Kamala on her income, so we both end up in the same place.

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      1. This is why “equity” is always a liberal project and not a left-wing, socialist one. (I’m referring to the way this term is used by Harris and other liberals and identity politics activists.) The “equity” advocates want to diversify the ruling class and help more “black and brown” people out of the lower/working class so they can join the middle class. I believe this is what you, Clarissa, mean when you talk about the “job wars,” if I have understood you correctly. But these people don’t care about actual inequality, i.e., the economic disparities that define the class structure of our society. So the fact that you haven’t achieved the same outcome as Harris is completely consistent with her defense of “equity.”


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