November 1st

November is my favorite month in the year, by the way. It’s the time when it starts getting colder and I know that I’m at the moment in the year when the largest number of coldish days is ahead of me. It’s the beginning of the holiday season. The nature is extremely beautiful and it’s finally not too hot to enjoy it.

What can be better than November?

8 thoughts on “November 1st”

    1. Don’t worry, somewhere there will be a Forever Campaign for a Perpetual Election. The whistle stop tours will not cease, so you might get a visit next month from your fave! He refines his material more vigorously than a lot of touring comics. I would find my own transportation though; he has been stranding people at rallies lately.


  1. I love fall, it’s my favorite season. I love rain and gloomy skies and wind and leaves changing colors. Nothing makes me feel like I am young again and the world is my oyster like the smells and sounds of a rainy October afternoon as I walk through puddles. When I was a kid, I always loved the start of the school year, with new classes, new material to learn and keep my brain engaged. (I don’t like winter here in Midwest. We’re considerably further north than Clarissa, so we get too much snow for my liking, plus it gets too cold to go outside.)

    I was born in the summer but hate summer as a season. It’s too hot, and it’s such an annoyingly pushy and extroverted season. I always feel like I have to go outside and do stuff, because it’s so nice out, like I must not miss out, but in reality it’s humid and hot and buggy and there are far too many damn people everywhere (pandemic or not), and I generally hate doing stuff everyone says I must do (this, much more so now than I did as a kid; middle age does make one more ornery!). Moreover, when I was a kid, summers were endless stretches of boredom after being dumped on my grandparents in their ancestral country house with no phone, TV, or running water. While I enjoyed those times on some level, we weren’t allowed full freedom of movement because grandparents were worried we’d get bitten by snakes or get lost in the woods, and the local kids had chores so couldn’t play most of the day, so it was a struggle to fill my days after I’d invariably quickly run out of reading material. God, I read and reread everything (lots of very inappropriate stuff) so many times, I did math and physics problems, but there was only so much physical stuff I could bring with me. My brain was always so hungry.

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  2. Back in the states (Florida) Fall was my favorite season. The first evenings with a little nip in the air were very… engergizing after five or six months of muggy heat.

    In Poland there might be a week or so of the type of weather in mid to late September before the serious cold weather started (and what is worse the dark, I got used to the cold quickly enough but full night looking weather at 17.00 was…. too much.

    Ironically, this fall is very good for me weather wise…. it’s been over 10 degrees and sunny often enough (up to 16 today but drizzly…). Supposed to be 15 and sunny tomorrow yahoo!!!!!

    I can’t remember such a…. not cold October and I’ll be delighted if November continues the trend.


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