Living with Children

A UK study of 12,000,000 people found that

living with children 0-11 years was not associated with increased risks of recorded SARS-CoV-2 infection, COVID-19 related hospital or ICU admission but WAS associated with REDUCED risk of COVID-19 death.

This was found to be true for people under 65 and over 65.


Selbstverständlich! For every person in the world, even for Austrians in the midst of a coordinated terror attack, it’s completely selbstverständlich that schools should be geöffnet.

We are the only idiots locking children up because of a virus that’s no danger to them at all. Idioten! Dummköpfe! Hirnlose Scheiße!

It’s now selbstverständlich that we suck.

A Benefit

One great benefit of no longer being a Democrat is not having to cringe in shame that my side is so out of control that people in Chicago, NYC and DC have to leave town or board up storefronts in terror of us rioting, destroying and hurting people over the election results.

Yes, I find it easy to change my mind when new information appears but I don’t expect to live long enough to forget my anger and disappointment over Democrat-inspired lockdowns and riots.


Ever wondered why we don’t hear about HCQ anymore?

Because everyone has now recognized that it works. Here’s a new study. The authors refer to it as “an ionophore” for most of the study because they don’t want to be censored. But finally they do recognize what it is.

We were massively lied to about a medical issue for blatantly political reason. If this doesn’t make you question what other lies you are being told by the same people, nothing will. You are complicit in the swindle.