A Benefit

One great benefit of no longer being a Democrat is not having to cringe in shame that my side is so out of control that people in Chicago, NYC and DC have to leave town or board up storefronts in terror of us rioting, destroying and hurting people over the election results.

Yes, I find it easy to change my mind when new information appears but I don’t expect to live long enough to forget my anger and disappointment over Democrat-inspired lockdowns and riots.

14 thoughts on “A Benefit”

  1. I thought Stalin was smart, especially after you wrote about his large private library.
    Turns out his grades were very low:

    Оценки И.В. Сталина.
    Зачётка ученика Тифлисской духовной семинарии И.Джугашвили за 1895/1896 учебный год

    Also, have you known Stalin’s body was removed from the Mausoleum on Halloween?

    Интересное мнение, что дату 31 — ое октября, Хрущёв выбрал неслучайно.

    Он недавно вернулся из гостей, от своего “товарища” Кеннеди, откуда привёз массу идей, например, — засадить всё кукурузой. Вот, там же Хрущев помимо “новаторских” решений в сельском хозяйстве, успел ознакомиться и с бытом, точнее, — с праздниками.



  2. In the twisted minds of the Democrats it’s Trumps fault. It’s because he created the divide, and he is a threat to our democracy (always word for word), and they are on the mission to fix the country.

    I was talking to a person recently who is super accomplished professionally. Her career is amazing and she got there all on her own and her brains. She said she wakes up every morning and checks the news to see whether someone assassinated Trump. In what word is it ok to hope for someone to be killed? I’m at a loss how otherwise rational people have these insane compartments in their minds.

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      1. My default for amendments is to vote no, and I’m ambivalent about open primaries. FL has ended up with so many dumb things appended to the state constitution, that had to be later repealed. Pig crates, high-speed rail mandates… ugh. The one I voted for this time was the amendment that would require amendments to pass in 2 elections to become law. Everything else looked like more ways to over-complicate things and make jobs for bureaucrats.


        1. I voted for none of them, even the ones I liked. I don’t quite understand why half of the amendments had to be amendments instead of being passed through the Florida Legislature. Especially the homestead amendments, #5 and #6. I find it hard to believe an exemption for veterans’ widow(er)s couldn’t pass in a Republican dominated legislature.

          As for creating jobs for bureaucrats? Running two elections for amendments would definitely increase make-work. Oh well.


          1. Exactly. Overall, I’m for lower taxes. But I HATE the idea of doing that by making the tax code more complicated than it already is. Seems like a scheme to create more jobs for tax accountants. And none of that has any business being in the state constitution. Tax minutia is not what we have a constitution FOR, you know?

            Two elections for amendments: I waffled about it, but in the end, I think it’s probably cheaper than passing another dozen frigging high-speed rail mandates that we then have to spend money finding out how idiotic they are, and then spend more money getting them repealed. Could be a wash. Could come out ahead. But I don’t think it’ll pass anyway… too esoteric for most people.


        2. Legalizing pot is on the ballot in my state. Me and about 60 other people once wasted a whole day at jury selection because a guy was caught with more pot than allowed. So that’s a big yes. Other than that no, no, and no.


    1. “Last week, Twitter blocked access to a story on Hunter Biden that incriminates its preferred election winner. Twitter froze the account of The New York Post (the fourth-largest newspaper in the United States), which broke the story, and also froze accounts of others who reposted it, such as White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and the Trump campaign’s account. Twitter totally blocked the story, and Facebook also suppressed it, because it was “potentially unsafe,” even though Biden himself had not denied the authenticity of the email evidence or witness.”

      I stopped reading after this. Free speech does not extend to the private space, which Twitter certainly is. You don’t have a right to a Twitter, Youtube, or Facebook accounts. Same as you don’t have a right to free speech on Foxnews or The New York Post.
      Here is a nice summary on this:


      1. “I stopped reading after this. Free speech does not extend to the private space”

        We don’t live in libertarian wonderland and wishing won’t change that. Libertarianism is every bit as unworkable as communism.

        Twitter spent a lot of time saying it wants to be a public utility – apparently while maintaining the rights of a private club….. that should work for tech giants anymore than it worked for drug store lunch counters in the segregated South.


        1. We wasted so much time talking about some undefined Russian meddling in the election. Here are US conglomerates meddling in the election and we are supposed to not notice? Let’s be serious.


      2. “Free speech does not extend to the private space…”

        If Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are private spaces then I’m King Tut.

        The history of free speech in liberal democracies is one that has frequently pit populist forces against established elites who sought to shut it down, sometimes by coercion, as a threat to their power.


  3. I didn’t know you could have a dinner plate sized Hillary brooch and be forgiven/considered normal in a mere 4 years.

    Personally I think you still have some ‘splainin to do first 🙂


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