Selbstverständlich! For every person in the world, even for Austrians in the midst of a coordinated terror attack, it’s completely selbstverständlich that schools should be geöffnet.

We are the only idiots locking children up because of a virus that’s no danger to them at all. Idioten! Dummköpfe! Hirnlose Scheiße!

It’s now selbstverständlich that we suck.

One thought on “Selbstverständlich”

  1. RE Vienna shooting:

    “Kujtim Fejzulai, 20 years old …he was sentenced to 22 months in prison in April 2019 for trying to travel to Syria to join ISIS but was granted a conditional early release in December 2019 under juvenile law.”

    The result? “Four people were killed and at least 17 were injured in the attack.”

    Israeli news sites mention the Jewish angle too:

    “gunmen attacked six locations in central Vienna on Monday starting outside the main synagogue

    Oskar Deutsch, the head of Vienna’s Jewish community, which has offices adjoining the synagogue on a narrow cobbled street dotted with bars, said on Twitter that it was not clear whether the temple or offices were targeted but that they were closed at the time.

    Rabbi Schlomo Hofmeister told London’s LBC radio he was living in the compound of the synagogue. “Upon hearing shots, we looked down (from) the windows and saw the gunmen shooting at the guests of the various bars and pubs,” he said.


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