See You Tomorrow

I’m going to sleep, folks. I’ll probably have nightmares. Both candidates are declaring a win, but I don’t drink alcohol and have no coping mechanisms.

American Brezhnev

OK, I gave everybody a safe space from all the election talk all day but now it’s election time.

Russian speakers ask each other regarding the election, “So? Is the American Brezhnev going to win?”

Brezhnev, as you might know, suffered from a massive cognitive decline and had slurred speech that often sounded funny in his last decade or so. Of course, his ideological closeness to Biden is much stronger than this.

Folding Laundry

Another group of people I don’t understand are those who fold their laundry in their laundry rooms.

Granted, I’m no specialist on laundry folding. I only discovered the idea of folding laundry after my thirtieth birthday and the concept of a laundry room after turning 35.

Still, unless your laundry room is palatial, why would you want to spend any time in it? It’s lonely and there’s nothing to do. Or do people stick TVs in there?

I love folding and do it in my bedroom while chatting with Klara or watching TV.