Fair Warning

I have no idea who won the election but I know this. I will now immediately ban from this blog anybody who says that Fox News is pro-Trump because after tonight the only excuse for such idiocy is a diagnosis of anacephaly.

10 thoughts on “Fair Warning”

  1. What has Fox News done to make you say that? Do they doubt Trump will win, while CNN dwells on this (frightening to them) possibility?


    1. They keep calling states for Biden for absolutely no reason and then having to retract. They are worse than CNN. It’s been horrid all night. They have decided that Biden won early in the night and are staying on message.

      It was identical in 2016, by the way. Yet the myth of the pro-Trump Fox News is alive and well.


      1. Fox News called Arizona for Biden. Biden announced the time for his victory speech.

        The Governor of Arizona kept screaming that they barely started counting the votes yet. Finally, after an hour of this Fox recognized that hmm, yeah, they might have called early.

        Dumb bastards.


        1. Well, Fox has also called Florida and Texas for Trump, while all the other networks are showing these large-electoral-vote states as undetermined, so it’s hard to say that Fox is biased in favor of Biden — but Fox has definitely jumped the gun on awarding votes to several important states.

          Biden is giving his “victory speech” on television right now. We’ll see if he’s still gloating tomorrow morning.


            1. Everyone called FL hours after it was won. WTF was up with that? The idea that FL is a swing state is pure liberal fantasy driven by New Yorkers who’ve only ever been to Palm Beach and Miami. I think they were still hoping for a lost mail truck full of nursing-home ballots to drive in from the mists of the Everglades.


  2. I’m watching NBC (not MSNBC), and they’re doing a good job of being cautious and not calling states for either candidate too early.


  3. Fox News is pro-Rupert-Murdoch. The supposed “right bias” there is a marketing ploy. But like all billionaire media people, Murdoch can’t resist the urge to use his platform to shape public opinion, rather than just reporting on it.


  4. I hope you won’t ban people from the blog. Intelligent discourse is sorely needed.

    I stopped believing anything Fox News said after August 2014. I have learned a lot since then. Especially after I read “Christ and the Media” by Malcolm Muggeridge. Pick it up in your spare time. It’s a quick read and very enlightening.

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