Falling Off

Is it a stupid idea to go to the gym at 6:30 pm CT tonight? Will major news be coming in causing me to fall off my treadmill?

7 thoughts on “Falling Off”

  1. Israeli take on American elections:

    No matter who wins, America has already lost

    Opinion: As the two presidential candidates waged relentless war for future of their country, scorched earth they are leaving in their wake threatens a wave of violence and hatred; Israel must be careful it does not suffer similar fate



  2. “Will major news…cause me to fall off my treadmill?”

    Depends on how you react to “major news” that won’t mean as much as it initially appears to. Several swing states close polls early in the evening (Florida, North Carolina, Arizona). Early reporting as partial results come in may favor Biden (because of Democratic mail-in votes that were counted first), then there may be an apparent surge toward Trump (as the later walk-in votes are reported), and the final results may not be known for many hours or days.

    The pundits on the channel that the gym is tuned to (CNN??) will also probably be giving slanted “wishful thinking” interpretations of the early results due to their own biases.

    So I wouldn’t get too excited about news at the gym.


  3. “Will major news be coming in causing me to fall off my treadmill?”

    I thought you fall off of things pretty regularly…. in which case by all means go! You’ll have a great excuse as people rush to help you up again….
    “The news…. so shocking…..”


  4. That’s so early in the night I wouldn’t worry about missing anything. Nothing important will happen until after 8 P.M. (that’s when polls close in FL and PA.)


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