On the positive note, if my side loses, nobody will have to be subjected to years of whining, moaning, hysteria and imaginary Russian collusions coming from me. I’m not a sore loser.

7 thoughts on “Positive”

  1. “if my side loses, nobody will have to…”

    But you will have to start wearing a mask or be arrested on sight, assuming that you’re allowed outside at all during the national lock down.


  2. Some amusing news from CNN early this morning:
    A Democratic strategist was talking about the barrier that was put up around the White House and how shop owners were boarding up their storefronts, and she stated that this is what happens when Donald Trump incites violence before election day. She seemed to imply that Trump supporters might become violent and start rioting later this evening–LOL–but we all know where the violence is actually going to come from, if there is any.

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