See You Tomorrow

I’m going to sleep, folks. I’ll probably have nightmares. Both candidates are declaring a win, but I don’t drink alcohol and have no coping mechanisms.

7 thoughts on “See You Tomorrow”

  1. I’m not an expert on US electoral law, but to my understanding, if the election is disputed, then it may go to court, which may then pass the decision to the house, at which point a certain hard drive full of emails and degenerate pornography will become the focus of world attention.

    If that happened, then every delegation from every state who wanted Biden to be president would have to take the risk of endorsing him without knowing what else is on that hard drive, which means that if it turns out that there is evidence of pedophilia, corruption, graft etc on that hard drive, then each politician endorsing Biden would be smeared as if they were party to it.

    It doesn’t make sense for the average Democrat career politician to risk their whole future to back a failed candidate for no reward. Why would they. They’re already elected, are well paid, have a permanent scapegoat in Trump for absolutely anything etc. and can just spend the next 4 years talking about orange man being bad while grooming the next Democratic candidate.


    1. An interview where Rudy Giuliani talks about how long it would take him to prosecute the Biden family, including time frames for grand jury indictment and escalation to racketeering charges that could easily happen before any new president could be installed etc has been uploaded to a well known news aggregator (investmentwatchblog dot com).

      A month ago, that same interview would have been on conspiracy sites only, which means that the hard drive issue is probably being massaged into the mainstream for use as a Biden election counter-narrative:


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